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Can One Man Make A difference For The Arizona Cardinals?

For the Arizona Cardinals, the difference between last week and week six of the NFL regular season is like night and day. All due to the addition of “All-Day” pro bowl and future Hall-of Fame running back Adrian Peterson. Peterson’s arrival has provided a jolt to a team that just six short days ago looked like they were done for the season, after an embarrassing beat down by the Eagles that dropped them under 500.

The newcomer made his Cardinal debut at University of Phoenix stadium against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The first four times he touch the ball resulted in 54 yards and a 27 yard touchdown run, and I don’t think anyone expected this kind of a jolt. Peterson finished the game with 26 carries for 134 yards and 2 Touchdowns, which gives him the best start of an older running back to a new team in NFL history.

Did one man make the difference? Or was it combined with the return of two key offensive linemen? And of course the answer would be both, as you can’t have one without the other to be successful.

But the running back choses the hole and in that regard Peterson’s veteran savvy took over as he did what he’d always done, lining up far enough from the line of scrimmage as to create a run way for take off effect, hitting full speed into the front line of bodies looking for a crack within a split second. It’s pretty amazing to watch.

This would not be the first time that this same heroic super star running back has wowed the world with his amazing powers. As we all remember the remarkable season he had returning ahead of schedule by a few months from a major knee injury and turn in one of the most exciting seasons ever, hitting the 2000-yard milestone. So this is nothing new, if he can over come those odds then being a 32 year old running back saving a team is a piece of cake for him. If the offensive line stays healthy I don’t anticipate his pace slowing down this season. In fact, his impact has been so great that six days ago we were talking a losing season on the horizon, and now we are talking division winner and playoff hopes. I guess one superman can make a difference.

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Phoenix Suns Media Day Revealing Of Old School Tradition

The 2017 Phoenix Suns are getting ready to start practice and embark on another journey to improvement. The goal in most of the guy’s eyes during media day was to be a playoff contender. The Suns are stacked with young talent and a hand full of veterans, a mix of players that appear on paper as a contender.

Now being led by 20 year old third year up and rising star Devin Booker the team will look to build its unit around his talent. Making contract moves that would suggest they are staying with the young bunch for the long future. The extension for T.J Warren, bringing back center Alex Len, not trading guard Eric Bledsoe, and adding a former number one pick in Anthony Bennett, all pointing to the team shooting for success this season.


I was at the media day and the team is celebrating 50 years of Suns basketball this season. Players were sporting the new old-school uniforms in white, bringing back the old tradition of Suns winning basketball when Kevin Johnson and Charles Barkley had the team consistently in the playoffs.

Rookie Josh Jackson took the podium and gave the media some insight from his childhood in how his Mom played an important part of getting him in basketball. “My Mom was cold man” said Jackson with a smirk, referring to his mother playing the game and teaching him a few tricks. When asked what did she teach you? The rookie forward answered “she taught me how to keep my dribble lower to the ground, being a taller guy it takes longer for the ball to come back up, and it makes perfect since”.


How far away is this team from making noise? Only time will tell but its exciting getting ready to find out what they will or will not be in 2017.

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Arizona Cardinals Faced With Filling Holes To Be Competitive

One week completed and the proverbial ship has started to sink for the Arizona Cardinals and their fans. The season is far from over, and the team has many holes to patch up, the biggest being running back David Johnson. Johnson caught a pass from Carson Palmer in the first half that got him sandwiched by three Lions defenders and one of those hits breaking his right wrist. The worst news this team and its fans could have heard this early in the season. Now the team is not only scrambling to fill holes at running back but is also faced with filling holes on the offensive line, and wide receiver because of the unknown situation with John Brown’s health.

The running back position will be filled with Andre Ellington and Kerwin Williams and the resigning of veteran Chris Johnson going forward. This three-headed monster does not have to be spectacular; it just needs to be productive. It must mass together 100 yard rushing games amongst them and be able to catch the ball out of the backfield effectively to force defenses to game plan for them on a consistent basis. That is easier said than done, but a good showing against the hapless Indianapolis Colts this Sunday can be a good start.

The holes to fill are very much tied together, as the running game cannot be effective without the offensive line doing its job better than it did in week one verses the Lions. The o-line will need to start to gel and be consistent, but missing a main piece in D.J Humphries will make this more difficult.


It seems very obvious with D.J’s injury keeping him out for a few more weeks that the Cardinals may have to put Jared Valhdeer back to his original position at left tackle, and get new comer Alex Boone up to speed quick, because this is the key to the entire seasons outcome.

Carson palmer cannot be himself without this hole being filled. We have seen this story many times, as the pocket is comfortable Palmer is comfortable, when it’s erratic than as you saw Sunday against the Lions Palmer is erratic.

Offensive lines are not a quick fix in the NFL like other positions may be, because it’s not an individual based position. It must be a cohesive collection of five players making one unit, and that usually takes time to develop amongst the five guys that are involved. Good teams are lead by good O-lines and d-lines, these are what makes your playoff teams every year, and the one with the best, usually is involved with competing for the final trophy.

The Cardinals will find out what type of team they will be this season after the game has ended on Sunday morning against the dysfunctional Colts, and here is why. Because the Rams dismantled the Colts on both defense and offense, and Jared Goff looked like a real NFL quarterback. This was a product of how bad the Colts were more than the Rams being that good. But if the Cardinals even struggle or win by a little, or even lose to this team, then the Cardinals of 2017 are not good enough to face this David Johnson-less challenge that they are faced with and should start preparing for the draft.

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Arizona Cardinals Performances That Opened Eyes In First Pre-season Game

A glorified practice in Canton Ohio for the NFL Hall-of-Fame game, allowed us to see just a glimpse of which players could possibly have an impact this season. After watching every play on tape, I found four players that really stood out and looked the part of a contributing piece to the puzzle.

First: QB Blaine Gabbert

Keep in mind this is against second-string players, but his performance sure out weighed the alternative. Gabbert did what a starting quarterback should have done, and that’s to dominant second tier players. Finishing 11 of 14 for 185 yards, no picks, no touchdown passes, and had a two-point conversion. A performance that would later suggest that the journeymen could very well challenge Drew Stanton for the number two spot.

Coach Arians confirmed after the game.

“ He could but lots of work to do, Drew knows the offense so well, but if you playing good, your playing good, don’t care who you are”.

There were only two mistakes Gabbert made in this game and both cost his team yardage. His entire career he ran for his life on bad teams, and has a tendency to run out of the pocket when not necessary. A play on the teams second drive, he takes off to run and is tripped up for no gain. But had he stayed in the pocket and took the check-down to running back Andre Ellington that would have easily gained at least five yards. The other play cost his team a field goal opportunity before the half, as he ran to the right again and took a crucial sack that took his team out of field goal range. Those things can certainly be fixed, as the quarterback whisperer’s work has already paid these great dividends.

Second Player: Robert Nkemdiche

I thought that this was the most important player to watch all-night, as I watched every play on tape. Robert was like his coach said “very disruptive” and in his first 10 plays he was exactly that. Again, he was supposed to show against second-string talent and he did look superior to that unit. I watched him get double teamed on more than 11 plays throughout the game, and he split them and got penetration on more than half of those plays. On the second defensive play, Robert spits a double team to make a one-arm tackle in the backfield.


The fifth play of the defense, Nkemdiche blows up a run play to aid in a tackle of Cowboys Darren McFadden with a massive bull rush in a rare one-on-one battle right up the middle. What really caught my eye was his swag and being so talkative against the opponent in an intimidating fashion. If this is the Robert Nkemdiche we will continue to see, this will be a successful defense for the Arizona Cardinals.

The Final two players:

The last two players that I will mention that had a good showing on Thursday night, was safety Buddah Baker and specialist TJ Logan. Baker was where he needed to be on every play, no miscommunication or busted plays on his part. He flew around the field and did himself very well having started camp late.

TJ Logan was off to a great start on special teams and at running back, as he showed electric speed and cutting ability in the punt and kick return game. Before leaving the field with a wrist injury before the half, and would not return to the game. The team has reported that he will need surgery and will be out for the next 12 weeks. This is an area that he Cardinals really needed to improve in, and Logan looked the part of a game breaking talent that could win the team at least two games in the return department.

I really hope he can get back and be effective, as his short-lived preseason game showed him to be a vital piece going forward. Perhaps his return may come at a time where the team gets a spark going into the stretch of a long season, and hopefully into the playoffs.

The Cardinals ended up losing the game 20-18 to the Cowboys, but won the first half where more skilled players were on the field. Gabbert may not get a chance to ever run with the first team offense, but planting seed to changing the minds of the coaches to get that number two spot has become real.  It will be tough, especially when his head coach is very much attached to the hip with his current number two guy Drew Stanton.





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The Arizona Cardinals Rumored To Look At An Ex-Wow Factor Name

Veteran free agents Brandon Flowers and Tramon Williams came in for workouts and were said to look good in movement and so forth in drills, but no contracts have been offered at this time. When the die-hard football fan hears those two names it doesn’t bring the wow factor at all. Unlike the name of the third corner that has been rumored to get his proverbial tires kicked.

The media has tied Darrell Revis to the Arizona Cardinals list of potential cornerbacks, but no workouts or physicals have been scheduled. The Cardinals have not confirmed this to be true, but if it were true, then the name “Revis” would cause the wow factor in and around the league and the fan base.

Revis held down super star status in the NFL for a number of years and is mostly remembered for the small space of turf on the football field known as “Revis Island”. Darrelle Revis’s incredible skills put him in the small group known as “shut down DB’s” and at one point early in his career he was leader of the club.

The name only brings the wow factor based on the past accomplishments, as the cornerback that shut down one half of the field, cannot even shut down five feet of it now. It is no secrete that as you get older skills start to diminish, but its amazing how the respect that one has earned around the league continues to stand in his name.

When someone says the name “Revis” the first thought is the Island that came along with it. The players that were part of the shutdown club still give Revis the status of great, even after watching his season last year where he only recorded one interception and was burned for big play after big play.


I interview star cornerback Patrick Peterson and asked him how he would feel if he could play along side of Darrelle Revis, and his answer surprised me as he paid significant homage to the ex-star.


Perhaps Revis will be able to play the safety position like two “Woodsons” in the past have done, and are now Hall-of-Famers and extended their careers in the process. Should the Redbirds bring him in or any team for that matter, it certainly will not be for the same Revis that built “Revis Island”.











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Training Camp For The Arizona Cardinals Has many Questions To Answer

Arizona Cardinals training camp begins a week earlier this year, as the team has to play in the Hall-of-Fame game against the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday Aug 3rd in Canton Ohio.

Five weeks of pre-season football can prove to be good or bad. The extra week gives the coaching staff extra evaluation time, because there are many groups that will be battling in camp. But the down side to the extra week of course is the time open for injuries to occur. In NFL camp every year one or two key players go down to season ending injury. Some teams escape it and others just get hit hard and their season ends before it starts.

The Cardinals dealt with that situation a few years ago when ex-offensive lineman Darnell Docket went down in camp, ever since they had a few nagging injuries here and there but not key players. Lets hope that the bug passes bye Arizona this year.

Kazual and BA

What to look for in camp: The first thing to look for is a healthy Bruce Arians, with all of his health issues over the last two years, coach has said publically he is as healthy as ever and feels great.

In his new book released recently “The quarterback whisperer” coach let it be known his health was not great in 2016, in fact he had cancer surgery to remove a small growth from his kidney and that was part of his bad year last year.

Along with his health not as good, his coaching slipped a little as well. There were several calls made that were not the best, and also sticking to a method of “no risk it, no biscuit” aided in some questionable decision making down the stretch of big games along with some not so good clock management.

Coach is looking forward to get back to his winning ways and get back to the top of the coaching chain of “best coaches” as he was a few years ago. The changes have already been documented, as camp will not be as light as it was last year and the team came out of the gate sluggish and over-confident and not prepared as good as they could have been.

Look for the rest of this years training camps most important battles in our next article, stay tuned to KazualSportz.

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Chris Johnson Signs One-Year Deal To Return To Familiarity

Today John Gambadoro of 98.7 FM Arizona Sports Station reported the resigning of running back Chris Johnson. As an insurance policy the Cardinals bring back a guy that is very familiar with what they do on offense.

Chris Johnson was looking to land with a team that would allow him to rush for the 463 yards remaining to reach the 10,000-yard plateau. The only question will be all year is will he get the carries behind the prolific David Johnson who will get the majority of the work.

After head coach Bruce Arians announced that David Johnson would be getting about 30 touches per game, so how will Chris Johnson get enough touches to reach his goals? And the answer is unknown.

I don’t think there was a promise to Chris that he would get enough opportunity to reach his goal, but if David Johnson gets the ball 30 times per game as a receiver and runner, that would leave a limited amount of touches for Chris Johnson per game to try and reach the 10,000 yard accomplishment.

As a free agent Chris Johnson may have been waiting for that one team to give him an opportunity to get a significant roll to be able to get the necessary yardage to get the 10,000-yard mark. When there were no takers, then he was offered a one-year deal with the Cardinals. Its not been disclosed if that offer has been on the table for Johnson the entire time of his unemployment, but his age as a running back caused no takers and familiarity with the Cards had to play a significant part in him accepting a lessor roll.

Remember, this is not the same David Johnson that Chris will be backing up this year as oppose to 2015 when the touches were almost equal. David Johnson has become the team’s go-to star and he will own that backfield for the most part.

Baring the big “I” word to DJ, look for Chris Johnson to only get about six to seven touches per game, and he will need to make all of those touches count if he wants to make his goal. Can he average 46.5 yards a game for 10 games? Doesn’t seem impossible, it all depends on the offensive line and if the team is winning or losing big.

At 31 years of age and as a running back, it is only a matter of time before the ex-stars career is done and perhaps he is now part of the group of supposed retirees that are currently projected to leave after this season.

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Carson Palmer Is Like Rodney Dangerfield In HOF Conversation “Gets No Respect”


Do stats tell the full story of one being worthy of the NFL’s most prestigious club the Hall-of-Fame? And if it does, then why does Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer get so much criticism and not automatically in the discussion of wearing the yellow jacket one day.

Most of Palmers harshest critics believe that he is nowhere near this secret accomplishment, and I ask why not?

The post season is usually everyone’s defense as to why someone is or isn’t worthy of the yellow jacket club. Well, like it or not Carson Palmer has lead two teams to the post season and recently in 2015 has won in the post season. Also, super bowls alone can’t be the marker, otherwise Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, Jeff Hostetler, and even Joe Flacco would automatically be in the Hall based on one game. So, super bowls cannot remain the excuse to taking Palmer out of the conversation.

So that leaves us with the numbers to determine and if that be true, then the numbers will show and prove that Carson Palmer should be in the room when it comes to who is worthy of the highest accolade in a NFL career when he is done playing.

There have only been five quarterbacks in NFL history that have passed for 5000 yards in a season, Dan Marino, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Mathew Stafford, and Drew Brees leads all of them having done it five times.

Of this group, three have won Super Bowls and one has made it to the big game and lost in his only appearance(Marino), and one (Stafford) hasn’t sniffed a Super Bowl at all. 5000 yards in one season is special and perhaps when these guys are done playing they will be fitted for the jacket. But does one need to win a super bowl or pass for 5000 yards in a season to automatically qualify for the Hall? And we know that is not the case because there are several super bowl winners and losers that have not reached these accomplishments and they are either in or mentioned for the HOF.

After exploring the leagues history of 4000-yard passers we see more quarterbacks in the Hall-of-Fame from this level, and like Palmer, a few haven’t even played in a super bowl. The air Coryell general Dan Fouts is in the Hall with his 40,040 yards and (4) 4,000-yard passing seasons.

Run and shoot gun-slinger Warren Moon also played in the post season and like Palmer, has never been in a Super Bowl. Yet he is in the prestigious club with 49,325 passing yards also (4) 4000-yard season in a 17-year career. Both of these guys did not always operate on winning teams.

The great John Elway reached the 4,000-yard mark one time in his entire 16-year career in 1993, this proves that even for a legend in a great offense, reaching the 4,000 yard mark is not that easy to surpass consistently.

Here is something that will blow your mind.  Joe Montana who is arguably the best quarterback in NFL history, and Jim Kelly of the K-gun offense that went to four straight super-bowls, both have not hit the 4,000-yard mark at all in their careers, that is unbelievable. Peyton Manning leads all quarterbacks in 4000-yard seasons with 13, point being this is a great accomplishment especially if you have done it multiple times.

So how does Carson Palmer fair with the elite 4000-yard passing club, and does his numbers stack up to the passers in history that have made it to the HOF.

A mean image Palmer

Let’s see… Palmer has passed for over 4000-yards six times in his career, and in 2010 as a member of the Cincinnati Bengals he missed 4000 by only 30 yards, which can be rounded to another 4000.  He is in the top ten in passing yards seven times since 2004 season. Not to mention his MVP caliber 2015 season and counting.

Passing consistently for 4,000 yards a season certainly cannot go overlooked regardless if it’s a winning team or not. Because when the career ends all that will matter is the tally of the numbers just as it did for the greats that set the standard in the past.

Looking at the numbers, how could one not include Palmer among the league’s elite. Perhaps it may take him a little longer to get voted in to club yellow jacket when he is done playing, but like that old saying “the numbers do not lie” if the criteria to get in the HOF is numbers based, then Carson Palmer’s name must be mentioned because he has passing numbers better than past and present QB’s that are currently in the club.

Of course winning a super bowl would dramatically increase his chances, But regardless, when Palmer is done playing he will have close to 50,000 yards passing and according to the past greats that made it in, that should be enough to earn the respect that I feel he has deserved for a long time.

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Arizona Cardinals Head Scratching Signing of Blaine Gabbert

The signing of Blaine Gabbert can very well be the biggest head scratching signing of the year, or better, the entire five-year stint of the new regime of Steve Keim, Bruce Arians, and owner Michael Bidwell.

The Arizona Cardinals did not go after a quarterback in the draft that could replace Carson Palmer one day, instead they go after a third string journeymen that has had very little success in the league.

Maybe this is not as bad as the fans may think it to be, perhaps there are a few things we can look at that would suggest that the horrible career of Blaine Gabbert as a starting quarterback may not fall completely all on him.

First of all, he played as a starting quarterback for two very bad teams that were not bad solely because of Gabbert alone, he had plenty of help with a group of guys and coaches that sucked collectively.


It can be safe to say he is not the starting quarterback caliber by the numbers, so the reason for bringing him in would have to be to battle for the two spot or as a third string player, or maybe just to fill the training camp roster.

Let’s not forget that Gabbert was a first-round pick at number 10 overall to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and someone rank him high enough in the draft for good reasons enough for the Jags to take him over players that were on the board like J.J Watt, Nick Fairley, Robert Quinn and Mike Pouncey.

Signing with a team like the Cardinals just may tap into the talent that made him a first round pick in the 2011 draft.

The Cards possess many of the components that Gabbert has never been a part of in the NFL, for starters a decent offensive line so he won’t be running for his life. He would actually be able to stand in the pocket and get threw a few reads and throw without going down in .001 seconds.

Next, he hasn’t had a consistent running game, let alone a dominant runner like David Johnson, the super star running back that takes lots of pressure off the quarterback. One would argue that he had that in Jones-Drew and maybe so, but it was not consistent enough and the offensive line wasn’t good at all.

Justin Blackmon was his best wide receiver in his short career to throw the ball to, but now he will have a future Hall-of-Fame receiver along with speedy guys as well to throw to. Larry Fitzgerald will help any quarterback because of his resume and talent along with the position he currently plays, which makes him a security blanket.

The main reason that I can think of for Bruce Arians wanting to take a chance on Gabbert would be the fact that he fits the Arians quarterback mold. Standing at 6,4 235 lbs and have a very live arm.

In my humble opinion he has a better arm than Drew Stanton, perhaps he will get his opportunity to beat him out for the number two spot in camp. Remember last year’s training camp and pre-season games for Stanton didn’t look very good at all, as Matt Barkley out played him.


Finally, after all the happenings this off season in the draft and free agency with the Cardinals defense this is the main reason Blaine Gabbert could be successful. Having a defense that doesn’t require you to score a lot to win a game is the greatest luxury.

This may be the weirdest signing of the Cardinals off-season but think of it this way Birdgang, a young inexperienced guy would have come in to learn under Palmer next year anyway had they drafted a guy this year. Gabbert is still young and has some NFL experience under his belt, and can still learn from Palmer and Bruce Arians, Tom Moore and the entire staff, this could turn out to be a good pick up.

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Arizona Cardinals Do Not Panic After Not Getting Future Franchise QB

The Arizona Cardinals front office have proven themselves to be very proficient in making draft picks, and continued their brilliancy after not doing what the consensus says they should have done. The redbirds did not pull the trigger on a quarterback in the 2017 draft, instead they made moves that strengthen their defense and special team and also added some depth to their offensive line. So the question remains, why not a signal caller? The team is comfortable with having not stretched for a quarterback just because they needed one.

The Cardinals faithful can thank the Chicago Bears for sabotaging the entire draft with their jaw dropping trade to get the number two spot, to take the player that they could have gotten staying at the number three spot. Mitchell Trubisky is no where near the sure star caliber player like an Anderew Luck coming out of college, so why did the Bears think they had to move one spot to take him so high in the draft, only time will tell of course.

But that surprise pick sent the entire draft into an offensive frenzy,  the teams at the top that needed defensive players went into desperate mode and took offensive players because of how high they were projected.   One can not predict what any of these prospects will be at the next level, but the performance among pears in the senior bowl, Combine numbers,health, and keeping a squeaky clean image can propel a prospect to look the part of a sure thing. Which in the Cards case this year did not come in the form of a quarterback, but instead versatile players Hassan Riddick at the 13th overall pick and Budda Baker at the 36th pick in second round.

Another reason for not taking a quarterback this year would be the same reason why it will be difficult to take one next year and that being the teams positioning in the draft. Next years draft class is projected to be full of star caliber signal callers, but in order to get one the Cardinals would have to be in the top 10 teams picking. Having another mediocre season or a good season will take them out of the running for a star caliber QB.

How will GM Steve Keim and company get their future franchise QB? We will have to wait and see, but the proverbial window of opportunity to land a franchise signal caller in time before Palmer is done has just gotten closer to closing.

Head Coach Bruce Arians says he doesn’t want this team to go through what they went through after the great Kurt Warner called it quits. The team was not ready and went into a five year drought of being a winning team.

Whether by trade up in the draft next year or getting a veteran in free agency the Arizona Cardinals certainly have their work cut out for them finding their future QB. They may not be in panic mode now, but miss out next year and the word panic will be the teams theme song.



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The Kazual Sports Fan Radio Show Coming This Fall

The kazual Sports Fan Show is going to be the show that truly represents the Bird-gang in and around the Valley with the intent to boost the Arizona sports teams fan base. This will be the place for the Bird-gang to come in and share Cardinals post on social media, also share up coming events that will be taking place with Bird-gang clubs around the Valley.

If your part of the Arizona Cardinals fanbase you can join us on facebook at kazualsportz/Facebook or Earl Burnett/Facebook and post your Cardinals post and represent the team and also be called into our live radio show to talk Cards. Yes, you the fan can be a guest on the Kazual Sports fan Show.

If you are a leader of a Bird-gang club and have an event going on now or down the road, this show is your avenue to spread the word and increase the Bird-gang following.

Planning a Bird-gang road trip and want the worldwide bird-gang to show up in the opposing teams stadium and represent, the Kazual Sports Fan Show is your avenue to spread the word.

The Kazual Sports Fan show also will have guest to come on the show and give us Cardinal insight and also some of the bird-gang will be live on radio if Kazual chooses your bird-gang club for the week based on the interesting content posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Come on Bird-gang, together lets make this one of the biggest fan bases in the NFL and represent our Arizona Cardinals.

Here is a sample of the show: so listen for your Birdgang club and name right from your facebook post on Earl Burnett page and KazualSportz

Finally a show that is really centered around the Bird-gang.

So Bird-gang join in and support the cause and lets have fun rooting on our Cardinals. All takes matter from the Bird-gang and in the kazual house, so do not be afraid to voice your opinion on all things Cardinals and any other Arizona sports topic.

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Daryl Washington Reinstated, Who Are We To Judge

There is a verse in the bible that ask how many times will you forgive your brother for his trespasses. That is the question the Arizona Cardinals and its fan base are forced to finally answer concerning suspended linebacker Daryl Washington.

After a three and half year suspension for several transgressions, Washington was granted reinstatement by the NFL, pending completion of specific conditions put in place that would gradually give him the opportunity to resume his playing career.

In a statement obtained by NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, Washington was quoted about his return:

“I’m honored and humbled to be back in the National Football League, these last 3 years have been the most difficult of my life without the game I love so much. That said, I’ve used this time to make tremendous strides as a man and have grown into a proud husband, father, and contributing member of my community”

Who are we to question a man and what he has been through. We all have done some wrong at some point in our lives. If you’re completely honest just look behind you in your own closet I’m positive you will find a few skeletons that you dealt with or are still dealing with. Let’s not pass judgement before we look and see the evidence.

Although, domestic violence and drug abuse are serious crimes that are rampant in our society, we should always open the door to a fellow man that is willing to make change in his own life for the good.

From a football business standpoint Daryl Washington is still Cardinals property, and it is their job to do their due diligence to see if the ex-all-pro linebacker still has something to offer that could help the team. It would not make any since to have held on to him for a full three seasons and pay his ten-million-dollar salary, just to allow him back to let him go without knowing if he can help you or not.

The team released a statement of its own and said in regard to Washington being reinstated, “Considering we have been prohibited from having any contact with him over the last three years, it would be premature today to discuss a potential return to the team,”

The only way to find out if Washington (now 30 years of age) can help you as a team is to put him out on the field and see what he has left. Three years is a long period of time to be away from the game, and getting into football shape will be the hardest obstacle.

“Physically I’m in the best shape of my life and have maintained a strenuous 6-day per week workout plan for over a year in anticipation of this day and next season. I understand the physical and mental demands that it takes to be an All-Pro linebacker in this League, and I fully intend to play at that level this season” said Washington in a statement.

The NFL has a history of allowing troubled guys to come back after serving their suspensions and or paying their debt to society. So, a D-wash return to the field will take place regardless if it’s with the Cardinals or not, because some team will take a flyer on him, that’s the way of today’s sports world.

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Arians Family Foundation Annual Golf Event Another Success

Getting away from football is not easy to do once the season ends, especially how it ended for Head Coach Bruce Arians and the Arizona Cardinals. Coach and his team let their fan base down with a mediocre performance in 2016, but the off-season yields more weightier challenges for the four-year Head Coach.

A community in need awaits him during and after every season regardless of the outcome. The same community that was disappointed at the season is the same one that has many needy intercity youths that suffer from abuse and neglect and need help to have a fighting chance to make it today. The Arians Family Foundation has helped these children now for four years and the movement continues to grow. I ask Coach and his wife Christine has their efforts met or exceeded all their expectations when they set out four years ago,

 “We are almost there, but we still have work to do” said Arians in an interview. “There are so many in need that we just try and reach as many as we can, but the sad thing is we know we can’t reach them all” added Christine.

In case you didn’t know, the Arians Family Foundation motto is “A Voice for Children” by supporting and developing programs which strives to prevent and ameliorate the abuse and neglect of children. The foundation puts on an annual charity golf event and it was held this year at Wild Horse Pass Golf in Chandler. The event always receives all the love and support around the league from current and past players, also other celebrities.

A fixture every year is Arizona native pop singer the lovely Miss Jordin Sparks, who sings the national anthem and does it every year with the excitement of a live sky diver coming down with the American flag right as she concludes the song. And every year it is awesome!

The list of support is incredible, teammates Tyrann Mathieu, Chandler Jones, A.Q Shipley, and quarterback Carson Palmer just to name a few, were on hand to play golf and raise money for the event.

Arians had to be excluded from hitting the greens this year because as seen in the pictures he arrived in an arm sling from the injury he suffered at the hands of an excited Larry Fitzgerald after a win over the rival Seattle Seahawks last year. Larry was a bit out of control and managed to cause some damage to the right arm of his Coach.

“I feel so bad that I can’t be out there on the greens” coach said but the jokes about his wide receiver fitting the bill continues to pore in.

Arizona State alum quarterback Brock Osweiler was in attendance and he of course came prepared to dodge any question regarding his current signing with the Cleveland Browns. He was quoted as saying “nice try though” as a reporter shot a quick question his way.

The charity event being the focus, Coach Arians allowed myself and the rest of the media to ask a few football related questions. I asked Coach what is the theme for this year after the disappointing season last year with high expectations. He smiled and said “play smarter”

He also said that the move to replace kicker Chandler Catanzaro was not performance based but rather it was a question of finance. Arians still backed up his former kicker saying “I believe Chandler will still be a good kicker in this league” I added that he excelled when he had competition with Feely his rookie year. But money is the result of Chandler’s demise in Arizona and not from his crucial miss filed goals last year.

Speaking of the name Chandler I finished my day with a very interesting conversation with the newly long term signee Chandler Jones. After Calais Campbell’s departure, he left a void not only on the field but in a program off the field. While in his tender with the Cardinals Campbell held the host of a show called the Big Red Rage for several years. The show has yet to put a player in his place for the show.  I asked Jones would he be interested in doing that show, he laughed and said

oh no Not me, I have seen that side of things, it’s hard to maintain schedule wise, and hard to get teammates to come on, I saw Calais asking around trying to get guys to commit every week, oh no not me”

we had a laugh as we walked off the golf course.

The event concludes until next year, and hopefully the Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians will be answering questions about how he leads his team to play in the Super Bowl. One can only hope, right?

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