Will the Arizona Cardinals host their own Super Bowl in 5 years?

The University of Phoenix stadium is about to be awarded another Super Bowl (pending a vote Tuesday). If the vote passes, this will be their third Super Bowl in this arena, and fourth for the valley of the sun.

This begs the question, can the Arizona Cardinals host their own Super Bowl in 2023? It’s plausible, certainly. Let’s look into my crystal ball of optimism. I still expect coach Wilks to be at the helm, keeping the team focused on a winning culture.

Offensively, if all goes well, Josh Rosen will be your bonafide star, leading the offense on numerous scoring drives. David Johnson is the wildcard here. We know that the shelf life of running backs are significantly shorter than they used to be. But David Johnson is a FREAK athlete and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is still a very powerful cog in this offense. On to the wide receivers, yes, Larry Fitzgerald would definitely be retired by now…right? I have a hard time seeing Larry Fitzgerald suit up at 39 years of age. I still view Larry as vintage 2008 Larry. ANYWAYS, I expect Christian Kirk to step into that #1 role by 2023, being a legitimate threat downfield.

Defensively, Budda Baker will be a Pro Bowl safety on a stout defense. This includes an older Patrick Peterson, Markus Golden and Chandler Jones making plays, albeit in potentially limited roles based on if they decline in their abilities. It will be interesting to see if the Cardinals defense will still pack the same punch as years past. Obviously, there will be plenty of drafts and free agent signings to fill spots down the road. But our offense of the future is currently quite younger than our defense of the future.

I can definitely see the young core of this team making a run towards Super Bowl LVII. This is the NFL, where the teams at the bottom of the league can bounce back and make a playoff push. Steve Keim has done a beautiful job of balancing youth and experience when building his rosters. I expect no different from the 2023 Arizona Cardinals.

Here’s to dreaming and optimism. My way way WAY too early prediction…The Arizona Cardinals will be Super Bowl LVII champions.

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