The Birdgang Joins in To Help Hydrate the Homeless in Phoenix Streets

Where one lays their head down daily to sleep at night is called home according to an old saying. A bed to sleep usually consists of blankets, pillows, sheets and perhaps a comfortable mattress. Regardless of the bed and its comfort, the main component to having that bed is having a roof over their head to call home.

Often times it’s easy to complain about our comfort level when it comes to sleeping. But what if your complaint was not how big the mattress is, or how soft or firm, or perhaps the lighting and temperature of the room. But what if all of these elements took on a different form, like the hard hot ground at 160 degrees, or a sidewalk as a pillow, blankets in the form of a newspaper, such like the many homeless people in our downtown city streets.

There are shelters that are way overcrowded and with that problem, the rate of the unsheltered has gone up 27% in the past year.

Since 2014 the numbers of the homeless has increased 149 percent and this problem is not going anywhere soon. The summer condition of Arizona heat just adds another obstacle to an already appeared hopeless situation.

The reality is that we cant help all of them but the Birdgang and the folks down at SDR (Support District Radio) have stepped up to give just a little comfort from the brutal heat conditions and also try to give some sense of hope and that someone cares.

The Birdgang’s own 12 news Alliance club and many independents join with SDR every year to form this convoy of help, and they go out every Sunday in June and July and distribute cold water and sandwiches to the homeless until all of the donated water has been distributed. This effort is done without recognition and the only reason for this article is to let the people of Phoenix remember that there is always someone less fortunate and to get out in the community and help do their part.

I attended this event and I must say it has been an eye-opening experience and also gave me a sense of appreciation of the things I take for granted every day. One can easily say that this is their own fault or they chose this way of living and that is not always the case. Some of these people, after talking to them, have circumstances that were beyond their own control that landed them in this situation.

This is an experience I believe that every person should come and see for themselves, also get your young children off the video games for one Sunday and bring them to experience this piece of the real world.

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