No News on Steve Keim is…Good News?

Steve Keim’s suspension for DUI is now over and many fans are wondering, why haven’t we heard anything yet? Michael Bidwill had stated in the beginning that Keim will return when he meets other requirements, including counseling. One can deduce that not everything has been completed to Bidwill’s standards.

Fans by now all know that Steve Keim was arrested around the July 4th holiday for DUI with more than two times the legal limit of alcohol in his system. Keim checked himself into jail for a short stay and was then giving a 5-week suspension and a hefty fine by Michael Bidwill.

It is possible that his counseling date doesn’t finish for another week. It is also possible that his road to recovery hasn’t been as successful as desired. Whatever the case may be, fans should rest assured that Steve Keim is out there working on himself right now. That’s all you can ask from anyone in that situation. Let’s not focus on why he isn’t with the team yet and focus on hoping for a recovery from someone who needs help.

The Arizona Cardinals front office can surely handle all of the impending roster changes that the team needs to make as the preseason starts to close. The organization will continue to keep quiet about Steve’s process until the final step for Michael Bidwill has been completed. Whether Bidwill later decides to terminate Keim’s contract with the team or not, will remain to be seen.

Ultimately, these things take time. Everyone responds to counseling/therapy differently. Time will tell what the final outcome of this suspension is.

UPDATE: Mere hours after this article was published, Steve Keim has returned to the Arizona Cardinals.

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