The Hottest Ticket in Arizona Hosted by the Great Larry Fitzgerald is Back for its Tenth Year

The humanitarian Larry Fitzgerald had his charity dinner for his foundation ‘The First down Fund” the dinner is called the Supper Club, and this marked the tenth year of the hottest ticket in Arizona.

Every year the celebrities come out in droves to support the charity and raise money for a cause that Mr. Fitzgerald has been fighting since 2004 when he entered the league as the third pick overall.

The year before the draft Larry lost his mother to breast cancer and that put the star athlete on a mission to aid in finding a cure for this disease that takes so many loved ones away.

Ten years later the fight continues and the foundation “The First Down Fund” raises an average of five hundred thousand dollars during the one night of the Supper Club event. This event brings, of course, most of Larry’s teammates past and present out to support the cause, even celebs from other avenues outside of the sporting industry attend.

We were able to get an exclusive interview with the man of the hour Larry Fitzgerald and he gave us some great sound, speaking about this great event.

The guest list included new Head Coach Steve Wilks, Christian Kirk, DJ Humphries, John Salley, Michael Irvin, and Larry’s ex-quarterback Kurt Warner. Many other players from around the league were in attendance as well.

This year’s festivities had a new twist, having the marching band from the U of A play outside the event during the walking of the red carpet. Along with that, the entire grounds area featured artificial turf with the football lines and numbers on the ground and it felt like football for sure. Fitzgerald said in our interview about the new changes this year

“Every year we try and change up the theme, people are paying a handsome price to come in and enjoy it, so I like to make sure its fresh and entertaining and exciting, so they can continue to come back”

The humble wide receiver is always looking out for others wellbeing, and it was very difficult to get him to agree to how great he is. Larry deflects praise like a shield blocking an assault and shifts the praise and honor towards those that helped him get where he is today.

He is an amazing human being and if all of us would take a page out of his book then this worlds book might not have so many bad and sad endings.

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