Twitter Not Fond of New Stadium Name for the Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals generated a little buzz yesterday, announcing a new naming rights partner, State Farm. The organization has ended their naming rights agreement with The University of Phoenix after a 12-year relationship. The former company will continue to be a partner of the Arizona Cardinals in a smaller relationship. State Farm has agreed to an 18-year naming rights agreement that will rename that stadium “State Farm Stadium.”

There are many jokes that fans can make here, given State Farm’s catchy commercials. So Twitter, as always, had a little fun with this.

Some fans were expecting a David Johnson contract extension announcement (Which would have been announced at the Tempe facility instead of the stadium itself).

Other fans, seemed to welcome the change. Giving nicknames or playing fun with former State Farm commercials:

Fans are quickly opting to nickname the stadium “The Farm” which is only fitting given the farms near the stadium on the west side of the 101. I must say, “The Big Red Barn” made me chuckle though.

Fans love nicknaming their sports venues, and now, Arizona has:

  • “The Farm” (State Farm Stadium)
    *Yes, a select few call it “The Toaster”
  • “The Stick” or “The Purple Palace” (Talking Stick Resort Arena)
    *Also known as the “Snake Pit” during Arizona Rattlers games
  • “The Bank” (Wells Fargo Arena)
  • “Chase Field” (which will always be BOB to those longtime Diamondbacks fans)

Personally, I thought that “State Farm Field” sounded better than “State Farm Stadium”. What are your thoughts Birdgang? Comment below.

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