Arizona Cardinals Unwrap Their New Toy Earlier Than Expected

The NFL game for a potential star Quarterback picked high in the draft is much like a new toy introduced into a daycare center. The excited children represent the rough and tough defenses in the league that are ready to rip into the new toy once it’s placed in the playing area. Old toys get moved to the side and the desire to play with them becomes less interesting, as they have lots of wear and tear and have been beat down by the children until they can’t play any longer.

The new toys are highly anticipated by the children, as they would like nothing better than to get their hands on the arms and legs and dismantle the head of this new spotless toy and see if it can withstand the daily beating once it hits the playing field.

Ok, if you haven’t figured it out yet, these are merely metaphors in regard to the Arizona Cardinals rookie quarterback Josh Rosen. Whom is the expensive toy bought at the high-priced toy store, replacing an old worn out toy that had no durability to withstand the grind in veteran Sam Bradford.

The injury-prone signal caller had his first few drives versus the Chicago Bears on Sunday result in two impressive touchdowns, and a 14-0 Cardinals lead. In which they could not hold on to like the rough and tough defense of the Bears would plant doubt and revert him back to his 0-2 start playing ways.

Now the team has turned to their prize purchase a lot sooner than most anticipated. Rosen was dropped unexpectedly onto the daycare playing field (so to speak) in which the biggest kid Khalil Mack, wanting to be the first to try out the durability of the new toy on the floor.

The new toy sustained a few scratches and pounding blows but did not look at all as though the moment was too big for him until his final few passes in which two were picks but only one counted.

Head coach Steve Wilks has made his decision going forward, that the teams young potential star quarterback has been taken out of the box to play and for good.

Josh Rosen will get all the reps in practice and his ear filled with sound advice, preparing and leading him to his first start in the NFL next week versus a very different Seattle Seahawks defense.

Whatever happens, there is no turning back now and there are no refunds on the investment you made. This was the Cardinals last chip in the poker game and they played it very early. Let’s hope the expectations match the play on the field and yield progress going forward.

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