Suns Fall to Warriors 123-103


The result of this game should come as no surprise to Suns fans. The defending champs took care of their “little brother” Monday night in Oracle Arena by 20 points. In a game that was marked for Golden State to regain their confidence after previously losing to the Denver Nuggets, the Warriors sped off from the moment the ball was tipped and never looked back.

Golden State is full of All-Stars that can shoot the ball at a high level, 51.1% FG and 37.8% 3PT (Phoenix shot 45.3% FG and 26.5% 3PT respectively). This is simply something the Phoenix strives to get better at. The Suns should look no further than their very own 6th man, TJ Warren. TJ has drastically improved his shooting, with 12/17 FG & 3/5 3PT giving the offense a much-needed boost of 27 points off the bench. Ideally, the Suns would like to keep Warren on the bench, giving him roughly 20-25 minutes per game, to give the second unit some offensive firepower.

Deandre Ayton had another solid performance with 20 points, 14 rebounds, and 5 assists. Deandre didn’t stand out defensively in this game, which is understandable when Durant (22 points), Thompson (16 points), and Curry (29 points) shot outside of the key most of the night.

Devin Booker led the team in scoring with 28 points and 6 assists. What really hurt the Suns were his 9 turnovers while playing the point-guard position. The “Booker at PG” experiment has reached a new limit, Devin might not be able to handle the load of the ball handling for an extended period of time. James Jones and the front office will need to address the starting point guard position quickly if they want to keep Devin Booker from burning out offensively.

Although this was a “good” performance from the Suns (considering who they were playing), I would have liked to see a better job defending the Warriors backcourt, ESPECIALLY in transition (Golden State scored 34 fast-break points). If the Suns can trade for a defensive, pass-first point guard, this will help the Suns mitigate players like Steph Curry going for 30 points against your defense on a nightly basis.

Keep your heads up, Suns fans, this young team has a lot to learn and will certainly improve as the season progresses.


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