The Élie Okobo Saga Begins for Phoenix

As the Phoenix Suns (1-5) struggle to find consistent point guard play, Élie Okobo has seen increased minutes in their most recent games. Sunday, Okobo played 31 minutes and graced the team with 18 points, 7 assists, and 5 rebounds. All with 50% shooting from the field to boot. This has been a significant improvement from his counterpart, Isaiah Canaan, who has struggled in the starting role with a +/- as high as -25 (versus Golden State). So the question becomes, do the Suns start the Rookie out of France against the San Antonio Spurs on a spooky Halloween Wednesday?

I say yes, what do the Suns have to lose? More games? Élie has shown to play with a style that suits this offense and so far has had a low turnover margin. Small sample size aside, first-year NBA coach Igor Kokoškov is going to tinker with the lineups at some point, he has to. Right now, having Ryan Anderson and Isaiah Canaan in your starting lineup is hurting your team chemistry. With an upcoming 5-game stretch that includes opponents like the Spurs, Raptors, and Celtics, Coach Kokoškov needs to see what his rookies are made of. The testing starts by letting Okobo free to run the offense.

There are no plausible trades for the Phoenix Suns out there right now to gain a point guard. The season is still young and many teams want to see how their rosters shake out up until the All-Star break. Yes, the Suns want to upgrade their point guard, but there are no takers.

  • Washington isn’t looking to blow up their team yet, so John Wall stays put.
  • Kemba Walker wants to stay with Charlotte and his price is too high.
  • Similar story with Damian Lillard and his loyalty to Portland.
  • Every other point guard on the market are merely band-aids for the Suns’ situation.

So fans will have to put down their “NBA Trade Machine” printouts and find a solution internally for the time being. Let’s just sit back, evaluate every player on this roster, and wait for teams to grow more desperate to sell as the season goes on.


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