The Cardinals Enter Their Bye Week With No Trades

The Cardinals enter their much-anticipated bye week right as the trade deadline came to a close. Many fans were expecting to see some trades come to fruition, only to be disappointed by the lack of action in what seemed to be one of the more active deadlines in recent memory. Fans saw four notable wide-receivers dealt this year mid-season, as well as some defensive talent. Which may leave some fans wondering, “What gives?”

Here’s a list of the players that were traded before the leagues deadline:

Player New Team Compensation
S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Redskins 2019 fourth-round pick
DE Dante Fowler Jr. Rams 2019 third-round pick, 2020 fifth-round pick
RB Ty Montgomery Ravens 2020 seventh-round pick
WR Golden Tate Eagles 2019 third-round pick
WR Demaryius Thomas Texans 2019 fourth-round pick, swap of seventh-round picks
DT Damon Harrison Lions 2019 fifth-round pick
CB Eli Apple Saints 2019 fourth-round pick, 2020 seventh-round pick
WR Amari Cooper Cowboys 2019 first-round pick
RB Carlos Hyde Jaguars 2019 fifth-round pick
WR Josh Gordon, 2019 seventh-round pick Patriots 2019 fifth-round pick

There are a few players here that the Cardinals could have benefited from. First, let’s dive into those players and how they would have benefited the Cardinals, then we will discuss why the deals weren’t made.

S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
What better way to build confidence in your star cornerback who is “desperate” to leave than to bring in a playmaker next to him. This move would have brought more depth and star power to a secondary that’s craving the chance to make plays. However, it might be a good thing that this deal did not go down. Had the Cardinals added Clinton-Dix, they may have stayed in Nickel Defense for the remainder of the season, allowing more and more rushing yards.

WR Golden Tate/Demaryius Thomas
This topic is one that fans are probably most upset with. Golden Tate was traded for a hefty price considering he will end his contract at the end of the season, but you may have been able to sell Tate on resigning with the team as the future #1 receiver. Demaryius Thomas is another receiver that would help your shaky wide-receiver room. Many would say that he has only benefited from playing with Peyton Manning, but he too had Mike McCoy for a coordinator at some point in his career. The front office must have felt that they would much rather draft their next receiver and keep him at a lower salary, N’Keal Harry anyone?

CB Eli Apple
I’m sure Cardinal fans didn’t care much about this move. But I believe the Cardinals could have benefited from adding Eli Apple as well. The former 10th overall pick in the 2016 draft was in need of a big scenery change. This is evident, as Apple led the team in tackles in his first game with the Saints. Had the trade happened, the Cardinals would have also had insurance in case Patrick Peterson still wanted to get out of Arizona.

Why didn’t the Cardinals make any trades?
To me, the lack of moves before the deadline is indicative of the teams’ desire to stay put. Had they wanted to rebuild, you would have seen Deonne Bucannon, Haasan Reddick, and maybe even Patrick Peterson go to this highest bidders. Had they thought they could turn the season around (they can’t), you would have seen Keim and company relieve themselves of next years draft picks. This choice speaks volumes to the idea that Michael Bidwill and Steve Keim are certain that this team will be dramatically performing better next season.

But remember, it could always be worse:

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