D-Backs Start of 2020 Season Disastrous

While you can’t take yourself out to the ballgame and enjoy some peanuts and crackerjacks, this baseball season has been very entertaining and it’s only the beginning!  With ex-Diamondback pitcher Kelly throwing wild against the Astros to the Diamondbacks beating the Astros in a three game series. 

The Diamondbacks have their issues on them but is their slow start cause of concern?  After thirteen games the Diamondbacks hold  five wins and eight losses; during a normal year most casual fans wouldn’t even know the record at the beginning of the year. 

This year with only 60 games every game matters in baseball.  The Diamondbacks have finally won their first series of the year against a great Houston Astros team.  Arizona looks like they are turning things around despite being at the bottom of their division.  Do the Diamondbacks still have a chance at the playoffs or have they ruined their season early?


In 2020 major league baseball will have a 16 team playoff tree instead of only 10 teams.  This means teams don’t need to hold as good of a record to enter the playoffs as a normal year.  Last year the Diamondbacks would have made the playoffs with the new covid system with a 52.5% win rate. 

If the end of this season is similar to last season’s ending, this year a team needs a 52.5% win rate that means the Diamondbacks need to have at least thirty two wins and twenty eight losses.  For Arizona to make the playoffs they need twenty seven wins and twenty losses over the next forty seven games then they can still sneak into the playoffs, which is very doable.




The next nine games may be the most important games for the Diamondbacks.  If the Diamondbacks can’t beat the Padres and Rockies six out of nine games; the Diamondbacks will be playing catch up all year.  With recent acquisitions Starling Marte earning a .479 on base percentage and playing amazing baseball along with the honor of last year’s MVP candidate Ketel Marte batting .346 right now and still on the Diamondbacks team, can Arizona afford to squander these talented players? Diamondbacks need to make a run to the playoffs and show other free agents that Arizona is where they want to be.  Will Torrey Lovull and the Diamondbacks be able to turn the season around and optimize their great roster?







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