Phoenix Suns “On the Other Side of Hard” Indeed

In NBA Finals history the better team always win the prize, wether it’s because they have the most dominant super stars or dominant on defense, in time during a series the superior team emerges through the up and down obstacles of a Championship run.

In some cases there are teams that over achieve in their conference and face the more superior like team, and having to be near perfect to have a chance to win a seven game series.

Match ups come to memory like those Kobe and Shaq Lakers teams vs the Nets, Sixers, and Pacers, all of which were overwhelming underdogs.

The 2009 Lakers team vs the Magic, absolute mismatch ending in a dominate 4-1 series win by the Kobe and Pau led Lakers. 

Rarely does the underdog win in these matchups, but in history we have seen it happen, for example the Dallas Mavericks vs the super team Miami Heat in 2011.

All that being said, its really refreshing to actually get two evenly matched teams square off where both sides have very little advantage over the other and equal shot at winning it all.

 Most championship teams had to go through failure and disappointment before they got to the next level, it’s called growth.

Back in the 80’s going into the 90’s, teams passed the torch to the next team that was in line thru the growth process to becoming a champion, Lakers and Celtics to the Pistons, and Pistons to those Bulls teams and so on.

Teams learned to win a Championship through the growing pains of failure, and it usually takes a few years to finally break through. 

These 2021 Milwaukee Bucks have tasted the disappointments of losing the opportunity to win a title, the last two seasons failing to those Heat and Raptors teams that were kings of the East for a few years. 

This is the element that makes the Bucks dangerous, going through failing experiences becoming more hungry to finally get over the hump and win a championship.

The star players fighting for their legacy’s to have that elusive ship on their resume, the Greek freak Giannis Antetokounmpo’s defensive block in game 4 displayed that drive and hunger in action.

In some situations luck has to play a small part in the equation, looking back in these playoffs the Bucks probably shouldn’t even be here, but for the long toe of Kevin Durant on the line stopping what could have been the game winning three that would have eliminated them. Maybe Durants toe in a game seven can also be called destiny, the element that tilts the scales in your favor because of your earned past struggles.

So if Finals history plays out the norm, then this 2021 championship should play out in the favor of the Milwaukee Bucks whom have paid their disappointment dues to be crowned the Champs.

But hold on a minute.

What is normal in todays world ? things have changed dramatically and the growing process has been accelerated for the Phoenix Suns after the Bubble thru a pandemic.

Chris Paul and Jae Crowder have felt disappointment in their careers leading up to these Finals. Being added to a young nucleus of talent has helped put them both in position to overcome those past failures. But is that enough?

Should there be more long term disappointment before this young team can triumph in a finals run? Can they actually skip steps in the level process without feeling the heart breaking moment of tasting a title and coming up short. 

Planet orange has been on this accelerated growth process since the Orlando bubble season last year, learning how to play at a focus level under the duress of a “do or die” situation.

Now coming into the 2021 Finals these Phoenix Suns have showed the world they are a team to be recon with and will not go silently into the night without a fight.

Can the process of what grooms champions be accelerated thru one remarkable turn-around season, for a team that hasn’t even sniffed the playoffs the last 11 years? If records are made to be broken then sports history trends and patterns sure can be changed as well.

The 2021 Phoenix Suns have put themselves in great position to overcome the disappointment that come before accomplishing a championship. 

As of right now they are indeed “on the other side of hard” as taught by Head Coach Monty William on a daily, having two of the hardest games left to complete to be crowned champs.

I don’t know if there are forces that take over in the sports Universe that will not allow for a young team to skip a few hardships, and have the veteran fortitude to overcome facing elimination in a Finals series.

But I do know this, these Phoenix Suns have done the almost impossible all season long. If they just keep their eyes from looking down while on the ledge, they will make it to the other side of hard.

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