What the Sun Devils Did To Bounce Back, in an Expected Win Over Colorado.

The bench mark this week for the ASU Sun Devils football team, was to be better in the penalty department after last weeks embarrassing performance.

In a game last week the Devils were very capable of winning, racked up the penalties in bunches to the tune of 19 and 16 of them excepted.

Then their schedule worked in their favor this week, to get a tune-up game and a chance to play sound football and clean up last week’s debacle.

Photo taken by: Earl Burnett on assignment

Home cooking in the comforts of Sun Devi stadium, ASU came in this contest a little more relaxed.

They got off to a good start and took control of the football game, and would keep that control throughout.

The Buffalos were prepared for the power run game from the Devils, and Herm and the coaching staff countered with unleashing quarterback Jaden Daniels in two phases of the offense.

It’s no secrete that Daniels is a good runner, but he was on point in the pass game, as he gets more comfortable with his new targets.

This is the third straight week that Daniels has had a completion percentage in the 70’s, and those completions were of the more further down field variety with a rating of 151.3.

Jaden’s legs were just as deadly tonight, as he kept the Colorado defense off balance all night and gouged them for 75 yards on seven carries and two touchdown runs.

For a young quarterback with a very slight build, Daniel shows absolutely no fear when he becomes a runner.

He is not quick to run out of bounds, in fact, he will cut it back up and take on tackles to get every yard possible.

In tonight’s game he even threw a pretty good block on a guy twice his size and had a stare off afterward, in the press conference, he was asked about that block and said “I didn’t say anything, I don’t get caught up in talking I made a play and it went in my favor” 

Jaden ended his passing night 18 os 25 236, and the quarterback accounted for 311 of the teams 439 total yards of offense.

The penalty total was a vast improvement from last week’s accepted 16 down to six, but that is to be expected when you’re at home and the crowd can be silent when you’re on offense at the line of scrimmage.

Coach Herm Edwards looked to be in a better place after his dumfounded look on the sidelines throughout last weeks penalty ridden game.

Sound from the presser as Herm told the press how he wanted his team to play tonight 

Herm in press room after the game. “I wanted them to play free”

Everyone that spoke in the press conference after the game players and Coach herm, spoke about the week in practice and cleaning up this penalties.

I ask Coach what exactly did they do to clean things up and his response was “We just focus on the penalties we got in the game, and letting the young freshman guys know they can’t get caught up in a pushing match, cause the flag is alway thrown on the second guy” 

Herm was in Herm form with his upbeat attitude about his team, and how as young kids they can drive him crazy at times. 

But says they are getting better.

Quarterback Jaden Daniels was asked if this was a statement game to the pac 12, he said….

Jaden Daniels answer question Was this a statement game to the PAC 12

Now the schedule will turn to the real meatier part in PAC 12 play, ASU can still win the South, but will have be able to put together another balanced performance as they did tonight.

But do it at a higher level.

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