Kyler Murray vs Baker Mayfield 2

The second opportunity for Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray to face off with his good friend Baker Mayfield. 

The Cleveland Browns will host the Cardinals this weekend, in the place that used to be known as the dog pound.

Mayfield has had an up and down season so far, while Murray has been oil the top five for MVP of the league early in the season.

This game on Sunday could end up a shootout of points in bunches, both teams are in the top six in scoring in the league overall.

After watching last weeks games the Cardinals are coming in a defense that bends but doesn’t break, while short handed battled the power running game of the San Fransisco 49ers stopping them on four of five 4th down attempts.

The Browns defense on the other hand, had holes all over the field.

It appeared that they were allergic to wide receiver Mike Williams, as he ran free all over the field exploiting broken coverages in the secondary.

Although the Brown can generate pressure up front, it probably won’t matter if the RedBirds dynamic receivers are running uncovered all game long.

The Cardinals have had trouble stopping the run up the middle, as they are given up 139 yards per game 28th in the league.

This week is the week you don’t want to be weak in stopping power running, as the Browns are talented with two power backs in Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt.

Cleveland is number one in total rush yard per game at 179 per game, and all of their deep offensive passing comes off the play action of that dynamic run game.

If Arizona has the same trouble stopping the run early like they have all year so far, the Browns will control time of possession and keep Murray and that offense on the sideline.

The Redbirds have Corey Peters and Zach Allen in the middle, and defensive coordinator Vance Joseph may want to get more power up the middle.

This could be a game where you give veteran JJ Watt an opportunity to control the game, by colliding with these two beast running backs by lining him up in the middle a few times to help control these down hill monsters.

The Cardinals look to have their cornerbacks return this week and that will bold well if they can force baker to throw the ball more than he would like.

Baker has the attitude that he probably wants to come into this game and dual in the passing game with Kyler,  to get back at him from a loss two years ago.

That attitude will play into the Cardinals hands, as they are currently 3rd overall at getting turnovers.

Murray and his receivers will be licking their chops to attack this defensive secondary, a defense that is 21st in the league giving up 2 passing touchdowns per game. 

Kyler Murray is looking to get back on track passing after a down performance last week relying on his defense to pull them through that game.

Browns gave up 47 points to a good quarterback and his offense last week, the game plan for the Cardinals should be centered around setting up the deep ball.

Predicting games are very difficult, because each game takes on its own identity.

But the way this one looks on paper, it will be the most exciting game of the week.

Simple prediction: If the Browns rush for 200 plus yards they will win, and if the Cardinals can pass for another 400 they should be in good shape to come away victorious.

The only undefeated team ranked number two will remain undefeated and perhaps close out week six the best team in the NFL.

Cardinals 36 Browns 27

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