Stars Align For The Sun Devils

Arizona stays alive in the Pac-12 South after beating University of Washington 35-30,  remaining one game behind the Utah Utes.  This is the third game in a row that ASU has played a team that didn’t have their head coach.   After Jimmy Lake hit his own player in the helmet.  Shockingly, this is the first game in 84 games that the University of Washington has allowed 35+ points in a game.  Possibly the even more startling news is that the Sun Devils scored 35 points while only throwing for 90 yards.  The Huskies have the worst pass defense in the Pac-12, but with the unrelenting pounding of rain ASU could not take advantage of the poor pass defense.  Seemingly all year long this game was the Rachaad White show and this game was no different.

Picture by Gene (Bear) Hughes of Kazual Sportz Radio Network

Rachaad White needed to score one touchdown to reach 20 touchdowns, and two rushing touchdowns would make 8th in Arizona State history for most rushing TD’s in a single season.  Flash forward to the end of the game and his final stat line was 184 yards, two rushing touchdowns, along with 53 receiving yards so mission accomplished.  Rachaad White did his best impression of Derrick Henry today averaging 5.3 yards per carry and bulldozing the competition. 

Arizona State showed the world something last night. Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, will stop this train from delivering every Saturday.  Experience can mean a lot in college.  Arizona State University is definitely the more experienced team and they showed it on Saturday.  At no point in time did the Sun Devils seem stressed about being down by two touchdowns, they remained poised, stuck to the game plan and carried on.  The second to last drive of the game when the Huskies were making an attempt to come back, the Sun Devils defense finally stepped up with Merlin Emerson delivering a pick 6 essentially sealing the game.

Arizona State University has the opportunity to make more history next saturday.  The  devils are on pace for their first 9 win season since 2014.  No team has ever beaten two Northwest teams back-to-back in a non shortened season since before the expansion in 2011.  The next game has a lot of records that could be broken on top of the only team winning two in a row at the Northwest.  When Chase Lucas starts next week, he will become the record holder for most starts in ASU history.  Jayden Daniels will be 386 yards away from 6,000 career passing yards, and another record to look at is Rachaad White is 5 tds from tying the school record with two games left in the regular season.

Devils run game is their offense, and they brought home the comeback victory. Picture by: Gene (Bear) Hughes

Oregon State University is no slouch this year.  Currently, six wins on the year and in second place behind the Oregon Ducks, the Beavers are definitely going to bring their A game.  The key to victory will have to be Jayden Daniels arm.  The teams that OSU has lost to are primarily passing teams while focusing on stopping the run game.  The question will be, does Jayden Daniels have enough to earn a victory next week?

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