Had Kingsbury reached his Plateau as an NFL Head Coach

The Arizona Cardinals have to make the necessary moves in the off-season that will keep them relevant in the hunt for a super Bowl run.

The current roster is constructed enough to show they are not in need of a complete rebuild, but the coaching staff leaves much to be desired and could be in need of a re-tooling.

I will take words from the great Shaquille O’Neal when he speaks about his teams and the coach, Shaq would always say “ if the man in command doesn’t panic or show panic the troops will not panic” and that is a perfect analogy for the ending of the Cardinals season in the playoffs.

Kliff Kingsbury walked the sideline in Los Angeles from start to finish with a very nervous demeanor, he looked unsettled as he paced up and down looking very close to hyperventilation.

The team played exactly the way their coaches demeanor, dazed and confused.

So now with the off-season here and that nasty taste in your mouth for the next nine or so months, how do you correct what went wrong.

We have heard the same sentence down the stretch of losing meaningful games from Kliff, “ we have to figure out a way to get better” 

Well Kliff, what if you are the reason for it not getting any better.

The second half melt downs the last two NFL seasons, along with his no secrete College record shows that this coach may be in over his head.

The growth of the Cardinals under Kliff Kingsbury appears to have reached its plateau, and its star quarterback Kyler Murray down the stretch has digressed under his watch.

Management must cut the tie with Kingsbury if the team wants to reach the next step, and get a disciplinarian in here that will demand excellence .

Murray doesn’t get pushed hard enough to study tape and his craft, as his past accomplishments in high school and college are his guide to believing he is exempt from it.

Discipline tells you that you are not as good as yo think you are, and need to learn and sharpen your skills for the level of the game in the NFL.

It’s hard to learn from a guy that is in training himself, and this has been the seasons for the Cardinals under Kliff, both key components learning on the go.

Time is the enemy for any head coach in the NFL, what you do in a short window of time is critical for the teams success and growth.

The window to a championship for a team on the rise with a franchise quarterback is about three years, after that period of time and you are not competing for a title, then you are wasting your time with whom ever leads that team.

Another year of Kliff would be putting the Cardinals back in the situation they were in with Steve Wilks as Coach, they figured it out he wasn’t the guy to take the team to the next level and cut it off not wasting time after one season. Point being, the Redbirds do not have time to waste trying to figure out if Kliff will finally get how to be a successful NFL coach.

The time they spend on hoping in Kliff, the rest of the league and the division are getting that much better and leaving them behind.

There are not too many new Head Coaches with no experience to make it to a Super Bowl, there are way too many things he needs to know to get to that level.

Learning on the go is very difficult for a Head Coach, it works for position assistants and assistant coaches because that is the order of things to make it to Head Coach. When a coach skips that process, he also skips what is absolutely necessary to become an NFL Head Coach.

The Cardinals need to progress Kyler Murray by getting him a coach that will teach him how to be a pro, and to stop leaning on his past levels of success which in the NFL mean absolutely nothing.

A disciplinarian that will get the team out of the top three in penalties, and able to mentally take the pressures of a big game.

A guy that can groom a young quarterback because he has done it before, and he himself learned under greatness. Who is that guy?

In my opinion, one disciplinarian guy that would fit this team perfectly would be Jim Harbaugh returning to the NFL to do for Kyler Murray what he did for Colin Kaepernick. 

More on this to come.

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