The number one team in the NBA Phoenix Suns.

This team is the definition of “team”, having every component it takes to go on a run back to the Finals.

Experience from last year’s run is fueling the engine for this well-oiled winning machine, led by its dog guards in the backcourt Devin Booker and Chris Paul.

Both guys were snubbed from the starting line-up in the 2022 All-Star game in Cleveland this year, and both seem to not give a “you know what”.

The Suns are a picture of their Head Coach Monty Williams, which is ironic to the team they remind me of.

The coaching tree of Greg Popovich is where Monty Williams learned under, and this Suns team looks just like those winning Suns teams.

From a winning pedigree standpoint.

Back then all those Spurs teams did was win, and it was expected on a nightly basis.

Even when it looks like they will or should lose a game, they find a way to cut out the other team’s hope in the fourth quarter and get a win.

They don’t have the flashy players that wow the Allstar voting, they just have every part of a team that makes up this championship-caliber team.

In my opinion, back then it was hard for any team to beat those Spurs teams in a series, and I am of the belief that is true of this Suns team.

Really hard to see this team lose in a seven-game series to any team.

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