Phoenix Suns Fill Final Roster Spot with Danish Guard IFFE LUNDBERG

Suns Sign Iffe Lunberg:

The Phoenix Suns had one roster spot left to fill, and have done it with the signing of Danish guard Iffe Lundberg to a 2-way contract.

One would ask what does the best team in the NBA need to add another guard to their depth-filled roster.

James Jones is always with his nose to the grind to improve his team not only present but also for its future.

So who is Iffe Lunberg? Well, we have watched the tape in the highlights and in live play, and I must say he is a Suns’ fit.

Lundberg’s game is centered around running the pick and roll.

He is 6’4 205 and very athletic.

As a guard he plays above the rim, he has a very strong upper body that enables him to take and dish out punishment to defenses.

He shoots the three-ball very efficiently and has a very good handle of the ball to set up his jump shot.

Lundberg is able to get his own shot using his great ball-handling and sets up his teammates often off the pic-and roll.

Iffe fits the Suns like a glove because of his ability to run the pick and roll, and throwing the lob pass is one of his highest efficient passes in that situation.

This reminds me of the starting point guard who is out at the moment with a thumb injury.

So what does this move do for the team that is 54-14 and the best in the league.

It says, Jones is getting more assurance going into the final stretch of the season, and for the playoff run.

Perhaps, Lundberg may not see the floor, but he will be practicing with the team soon. It’s possible he could play some minutes at the 2-guard behind Devin Booker and Landry Shamet to ease the minutes of Booker in the playoffs.

Regardless, the suns are equipped to make a serious run at a title this season.

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