Diamondbacks Past Haunts Them

This year in baseball there is a ton of story lines from: Miguel Cabrera getting his 3,000th hit, Sun Devil fans and Detroit Tigers fans watching Spencer Torkelson’s rookie season, Clayton Kershaw having a perfect game through 7 innings and getting pulled, to the big question, can the Diamondbacks beat there career winning percentage of a measly 49 percent win rate.  The Diamondbacks over the last 10 years have only exceeded 50% wins three times and made the playoffs one time.  This is an organization that in year 4 won a world series and showed promise to the world.  Now we are begging to be relevant.

In a sport that is constantly changing despite being deeply entrenched in their old ways, one thing that never changes is the D-backs struggling to be .500. The Diamondbacks are a team that loves playing old school type baseball.  While not bunting to much they hit a lot of singles and doubles, run up the pitch count, and steal bases while not only going for home runs.  Astetically, this game is way more fun to watch then most teams, there’s a reason they havent been making the playoffs.  The other teams have found a statistical advantage and the Diamondbacks refuse to change.  While beating the Dodgers in a 3 game series is impressive, immediately dropping the next game to the St. Louis Cardinals in embarrassing fashion trailing 8-0 until the eighth inning. In the 8th inning Pavin Smith smashed a home run over the right field wall and in the 9th inning Nick Ahmed hit Carson Kelly home for an RBI way to little way to late.  Death, taxes, and Paul Goldschmidt having a great performance against the D-backs to rub our noses in it, all things that are certain in life.  The previous fan favorite Goldshmidt had four at bats, three runners batted in, finding a way to outscore the Diamondbacks proving the point his contract is worth taking on, which he has done countless times against Arizona since being traded.  

Photo Courtesy of USA Today

The 8-12 Dbacks dropped a game they should have at least been competitive with pitcher Humberto Costellanos who’s ERA is now 5.79, out stud pitcher Mad-Bum curently with a 1.00 ERA will face Cardinals pitcher WainWright pitching with over a 3 ERA.  This is where Dbacks can make a comeback against the Cardinals evening the series at 1-1.  

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