Diamondbacks Bullpen Ruins History In The Making

The Diamondbacks had a great chance to beat the Cardinals three games in a row for the first time since 2007, which was the same year the Diamondbacks won their division and made the playoffs. The year the Diamondbacks won three in a row, they were at home, never has Arizona won three in a row in St. Louis. Davies pitched 5 innings and allowed 0 earned runs, while there were two errors that could be argued were his fault they got attributed to Marte and Varsho which inevitably allowed two runs to score. The error that allowed two players to score was a ball hit to Davies for an easy double play where he threw the ball out of reach of Ketel Marte into the outfield where the player on 3rd scored and later in the inning the player at second scored. When Davies went out at the end of the 5th, the Dbacks were up 3-2. After that appearance Taylor Widener pitched only .1 inning and allowed 1 run, Kyle Nelson pitched for 1 inning allowing 2 runs, and the most heart breaking scores that happened were in the 7th allowing the Cardinals to go ahead was from Kenyon Middleton pitching only .2 innings and allowing 2 scores. In the first 5 innings there were 2 scores by the Cardinals and after that the bullpen took over allowing a whopping 5 scores in 2 innings allowing the game to be 7-5 in the 7th inning and also the final score. If this is what the Diamondbacks have as relievers in their bullpen on any given night, they will need way more help this season.

Jordan Luplow credit Arizona Sports

The Diamondbacks with a 10-13 record have done a great job assembling a great cast of starting pitchers this season. Zac Gallen pitching a .6 ERA which fans will see him pitching in Miami tomorrow, Mad-Bum pitching 1.17, and Merrill Kelly pitching 1.28. The team has failed to take advantage of this stellar pitching crew by either not hitting the ball or bad bullpen play. Trying to look positively to the future, they say April showers brings May flowers and in April this was the lowest hitting average team in MLB. In the last 3 games the Diamondbacks have hit the ball 18 times, scored 13 points, and six homers which in all actuality all six were over the last two games. Ketel Marte appears back after his slump, hitting a double, one home run, and a triple in the last three games, Luplow hit two home runs today, and walker hit a home run. So it looks like the Diamondbacks have left their batting woes behind in April.

Arizona will be traveling tomorrow to Miami where the two current best ERA pitchers will face off. Zac Gallen pitching a .6ERA vs Pablo Lopez with a .39 ERA. The Marlins are red hot right now winning 7 of the last 10 games, and the Diamondbacks are heating up winning 5 of their last 7 games. With both teams hitting great recently and both starting pitchers pitching under 1 ERA this might come down to one of the bullpens earning a victory.

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