Diamondbacks Earn First Sweep Of Season

The Diamondbacks earned 3 wins against the Marlins in one of the most drama-ridden of this year. In-game 1 and 2 the Diamondbacks began with an early lead and kept the ball rolling going ahead 5-0 heading into the 7th inning. It felt like Deja Vu if you watched the games, in both games, the pitchers walked 3 players and allowed Jazz Choism to score 2 runs and then subsequently allowed him and another player to have a 4 point 7th inning.

After that series, if events the game calmed down with the Diamondbacks winning both games 5-4.  The starting pitchers are pitching at an incredibly successful rate with the big 3 pitchers all under 2 ERA.

The most bizarre event happened during the final game of the Marlins, said event happened when the ump decided to abuse his power to purposely irritate and provoke a reaction from Bumgarner leading to him being ejected during the substance hand check.  The umpire decided to hold the back of Madison Bumgarner’s hand for a very long time while soulfully looking into his eyes instead of doing his job and doing the hand check so they could both move on.

Martin, who eventually Mad-Bum said something that has not come out yet and got ejected in the first inning leaving the Diamondbacks short-handed.  The Diamondbacks have not had much success going to the bullpen in even the best situations so working out a win here was much surprise to fans.  2 notable performances from the relief pitchers are Martin who pitched 4 innings and only allowed 2 runs and also Nelson pitching 1.2 innings allowing 0 runs to help the Dbacks to success.

During the series the Dbacks hit 27 balls so averaged 9 hits a game. While not an impressive amount of hits this does show vast improvement hitting compared to last month’s .187 hitting line. 18 runs in 3 games is also tied for the most runs scored in 3 games on the season. 

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