Diamondbacks Win 2 Out Of 3 Over Mothers Day Weekend

The Diamondbacks had a great Mother’s Day weekend going over .500 for the first time this year, continuing their winning streak to 7 of the last 9 games. The Diamondbacks have had the hardest schedule in MLB so far with their opponents winning percentage being 58.8%. The good news for the Diamondbacks is that their schedule will ease up a lot over the next 6 games where the Diamondbacks desperately need to make up space between them and the Dodgers or at least the Padres. The bad news for the DBacks is Carson Kelly is out on the 10 day IL and for some reason over the last few years they have had a better road record than home record. The next 6 games will consist of the Miami Marlins with a record of 13 wins and 15 losses and recently got swept by the Diamondbacks, along with the Chicago Cubs with a 9 win and 17 loss record.

Joe Mantiply

The Arizona Diamondbacks have had success lately playing small ball baseball and playing defensively. The game today had the Diamondbacks winning 4-0 taking advantage of their baserunners, hitting singles allowing players to run in instead of going for home runs, and great base running pressuring the Rockies to 2 errors which one of the errors allowed another player to score. Over the 3 game series against the Colorado Rockies the Diamondbacks only allowed 6 runs. Some very notable events that haven’t been reported enough about is Carson Kelly’s backup was called up from AAA ball and earned his first professional hit today which was a double and also scored a run. The starting pitching has been beyond fantastic since the beginning of the season and the Diamondbacks have struggled finding help but they may have found their next star relief player in Joe Mantiply. Mantiply has been cooking as a reliever, pitching between .2 innings and 1.1 innings but has been doing this almost every night this year and has a .86 ERA. The mixture of a 10 day replacement Alek Thomas being a pro ready fill in mixed with the emergence of Joe Mantiply this season might continuing improving.

Miami Marlins along with the upcoming star Jazz Chisholm will head to Arizona and face the pitching staff of Humberto Castellanos, Mad-Bum, and Merrill Kelly. The Diamondbacks swept them one time and are hoping to make it twice. With Carson Kelly out for the next 10 games and them in Arizona, will they have the same success as last time?

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