Diamondbacks Get Swept By Division Leading Dodgers Again

Arizona dropped another game to the Dodgers making the streak 8 in a row. The Dbacks played a seemingly perfect game today and still couldn’t win; only allowing 4 hits compared to the Dodgers 8 hits with great pitching by their relief pitchers, and the Dbacks best pitcher Zach Davies was used today and they still lost 3-1.

Without the Dodgers this season Arizona’s baseball team would be 22-18 but currently sit at 23-26.

Not sure if the Dodgers are in the heads of the Diamondback organization, but I see no answers to solve this issue any time soon and I haven’t heard many great answers.

One thing I do know is the home woes are still a huge issue, today had an attendance of 30,482 and LA fans were louder than the Arizona fans during the 7th inning stretch chanting “root, root, root, for the Dodgers.” Essentially no matter where the Diamondbacks play it is going to be an away game for them all season long and that takes a tax on a team.

Of course, there were plenty of positives today.

Ketel Marte extended his streak to 11 games in a row with a hit, this team’s defense looks like potentially a top 3 defense, and the bats are remaining hot. For some reason the Diamondbacks just can’t put it into the next gear to put together a win.  Of course there are cons and a HUGE con in this game is, before May 15th the starting pitchers were pitching around a 2.5 ERA and since then they are pitching above an 8 ERA. Another con is the Dbacks have also used more relief pitchers more than any other team this season and even the team manager Torrey Luvello isn’t fond of that necessity. After back to back sweeps being handed down by the Dodgers hopefully the Diamondbacks can get their heads back on straight with the Braves coming to town tomorrow, before this season gets out of reach for this talented team.

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