Kyler Murray Shows Up to Team OTA’s as a Leader Should

Star Quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals Kyler Murray made a surprising move this off-season, showing up at the team’s OTA’s this Wednesday morning in Tempe.

Most of the talk around the media was that Murray was not going to show without a new contract in place.

Well, there he was, in his warm-up gear complete with a hand warmer aside his shorts.

Does this mean that the contract is pretty much done? Or could it be a sentimental act on Murray’s part due to the tragic loss of a teammate this week?

Confidence in the contract getting done must be in the young star’s mind because he didn’t look to be angry or disturbed at all.

Although, he did have a serious look on his face throughout the workout, and a few cracks of a smile while conversating with teammates.

This is a good sign for both the team and their leader in the making, after his leadership skills came into question during two late-season meltdowns in the last two years.

Murray’s first taste of the playoffs didn’t look like a player that anticipated being there. He was more like a deer in headlights at best, but that was not the worse part.

The worse part was that Murray never made it public that he was mostly to blame for the team’s meltdown, as star quarterbacks usually take full responsibility no matter who else appeared at fault.

Showing up to the team’s OTA says a lot about Murray regardless of his motive, it will instantly get veteran players to trust and follow his lead.

Getting a rapport established with new receivers and above all, team continuity.

The only way this team will not falter down the stretch of another season is to be together no matter what.

Kyler will get the opportunity to interact with teammates and be a lot more supportive, rather than to pout and be critical with bad body language toward teammates.

This can go a long way, and it shows the team is about making the necessary change and is willing to do what it takes to make the change. It also can restore the two sides’ trust in one another, as the team cannot co-exist with key pieces at war.

There is no question that the quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals will be a hefty paid Kyler Murray, all that waits to be seen is the young star grow into his role as the alpha dog leader (no pun intended).

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