Why is it that every time there is an Arizona Diamondback game in play, all there is to be seen is the opposing fans and not Arizona fans in the stands at games?  At least I can see with the Dodgers, they have a better history and are close to Arizona, but how far away is Atlanta?  The answer, by the way, is 1,815 miles away, so I ask you, where are you hiding Dback fans?

If your excuse is this team is boring, then you are not watching and are sadly mistaken.  Arizona has 39 home runs this month, putting them second place in the National League for most home runs this month.  If you take out the Dodgers games this season, this team would be 23-18 this year and be in second place.  In the last four games, not counting the Dodgers, Arizona has scored 31 runs!

Today’s game featured a 6-2 deficit to the Atlanta Braves and what ensued next was a barrage of hits.  With a total of 15 runs scored and 26 hits, today was a hitter’s delight.  Even the struggling Cooper Hummel was able to make his stake in this game.  Hummel started off 0 for 4 with a double play meaning he was responsible for 5 outs with 4 attempts.  His season average is .170 and in the tenth inning a double that landed perfectly on the inside of the foul line to bring “Freight Train” David Peralta to home plate, and in the process earned himself the first walk-off of his career.

There is nothing boring about this team, great pitching, great hitting, and for the 14th year in a row they were voted cheapest experience in MLB.  You are missing out on a great team that can potentially push for the playoffs, do you really want to miss that experience?  So go to a game or two and “Root, Root, Root, for the home team” and buy yourself some peanuts and cracker jacks.

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