How Realistic is a Kevin Durant to the Phoenix Suns Scenario

This would be the biggest blockbuster trade in Suns history if they could pull this off.

Kevin Durant as a Phoenix Suns for some reason just fits, when in times past would have never been something that could come remotely close to reality.

But let’s not sleep on something like this happening, we have seen all too many times where players are guiding their careers to get as close as possible to getting the ring at the season’s end.

Star power is the catalyst that drives these ambitious moves, we have seen this countless times.

We have seen it work out just as planned, and we have all too many times seen it blow up in disaster.

Relationships in good standing between players from years ago during other activities, Much like the All-star game and the Olympic team, we have seen these super-star teams form.

A little seed could have been planted with Durant and Suns star guard Devin Booker during their victorious run through the Olympics.

 What was so good about that combo, was both guys were the main reason that team won those games.

Booker and KD on some nights in the Olympic games were doing things together for that USA team that was just flat-out awesome.

The defensive end is where Booker’s game advanced to the next level, and Durant being the scorer at will whenever the team needed that critical bucket.

This would be a seamless transition for these two having already played together in a high-intensity style of game.

What would it take to make the deal happen?

This is where it gets exciting and even more so, that this could happen, is we are relying on Kyrie Irving to actually do what he promised to do, like showing up to work on a consistent basis.

The Nets may be at their end with Irving and could look to move him, leaving Durant to waste away another year with players that will never neat the elite teams in the league.

So if you’re the Phoenix Suns, you do whatever it takes to get the piece that was missing last season.

The Suns’ lack of a third scorer that can get a shot on his own was evident in the matchup with the Dallas Mavericks.

Chris Paul is getting to the age where he cannot be relied upon to do what he did in the past on a consistent level. Staying healthy becomes his most important task, and having a scorer that demands a double team like Kevin Durant would help Chris be more effective.

For this to work, the Suns would have to make the return package to the Brooklyn Nets worth a superstar like Durant.

DeAndre Ayton will be of course the main piece in return, but here is where it gets tricky for the Suns fans, there is a chance that they will have to put one of those fantastic wings with Ayton in the deal. 

Perhaps Cam Johnson would be more of a better fit for the Nets because he brings the shooting and defense aspects.

It would not look good for James Jones if he allows both his 2018 first-round draft picks to be put in a trade, as both Mikal Bridges and DeAndre Ayton were supposed to be a part of the Suns long term future so keeping one of them is a must.

Throw in the first pick for the 2023 season and the Suns get Durant, and don’t lose too much of the core that makes up a championship contender. Kevin will also be a gift to Devin Booker’s game, as he would not be part of the Mavericks blueprint to get the ball out of his hands.

This would be a no-brainer for the Suns, to first stay relevant in the hunt for the chip. Also, make up some ground on the team that is currently the best in the West, the Golden State Warriors.

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