Arizona DiamondBacks Bats Go Cold in Pittsburgh

The Arizona Diamondbacks in game 1 against the Pittsburgh Pirates put up 8 runs and 10 hits.  The game also featured a multi-home run game by Alek Thomas.  Game 2 and 3 combined, featured 1 point and 9 hits.  The most troublesome area isn’t necessarily the lack of hits because in baseball this is bound to happen at some time, but the players appear frustrated and are taking much more aggressive swings attempting to hit themselves out of the skid.  Torrey Luvello is going to have to work some magic to have his team turn around by tomorrow against the Cincinnati Reds.

Arizona missed a perfect opportunity in Pittsburgh, they should have won 2 out of 3 and been more competitive in game 3.  Zach Davies pitched lights out in game 2 allowing 0 runs through 8 and ⅔ innings where Ian Kennedy earned the last out to get the game to the 9th.  In typical Arizona fashion relief pitcher Melancon came up to the plate in the 9th allowing a 2 run walk off bomb to lose the game.

Clearly during game 2, Pittsburgh broke Arizona’s sole because they did not come to play today.  No real energy in the bats, most players appeared to slump their way to the plate.  The best player was Zac Gallen allowing 2 runs through 5 innings, which in a normal game would keep Arizona in it.  In this game where the bats were rare there was no chance Arizona was coming back, so when Kyle Nelson allowed another run to score in the 6th it felt like game over.

Baseball is a long season and many say these games don’t matter.  If you win these they still count at the end though so these games do matter.  Torrey Luvello has a lot of work to do in picking this team up and hopefully they snap out of it sooner than later before we see another losing skid like last year.

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