Javale Mcgee Charity Celebrity Softball Game in Chase Field a Big Hit

Softball is a sport that brings people together, and this was the case for Javale McGee and friends at his annual celebrity softball game.

The Juglife Foundation is a charity founded by Javale McGee some eight years ago, and the softball game aids in raising money to bring fresh water to places that otherwise would not have it.

The charity also is just a way to raise awareness in our own communities of the importance of drinking water.

Water is taken for granted more than anything on this earth, we waste it by the tones and have no thought of ever being without it.

But others in countries like Uganda know what it’s like to not have fresh drinking water, not alone water to take a bath.

Javale in an interview with Kazual Sportz said it was his mother that inspired and motivated him to be as she was a philanthropist.

Javale also added “I have always been the person that did turkey drives and gift giveaways, so when i had the opportunity to start a foundation that can do something different and inform our society and the world about the importance of drinking water and the health aspects of it”

Currently, Javale’s efforts have built six water wells around the Uganda area and he looks to build more as his foundation is making a big impact around the world and helping countries get the water they need to survive.

To get the money from charity usually takes names and faces, and what better way to get a bunch of names and faces come out and play a game that always brings people together.

The foundation’s annual celebrity softball game brought out the names and help raise money with donations, it also housed a silent auction for sports memorabilia to aid in the cause as well.

In the sports world, softball is the go-to when it comes to gathering sports and other celebrities to help with a cause, just about anyone can play the game even if they are not an athlete.

Actors and actresses, country music singers, radio show hosts, and of course guys from professional sports teams make up the softball roster.

Javale is a well-respected athlete in sports, as his resume speaks for itself.

Three-time NBA Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist and part of some very good basketball teams.

His energy and hustle on the court are of the same as his work off the court, he is a gentle giant with a heart bigger than Texas.

The guest list is way too big to mention them all but when you’re well respected you draw the biggest names.

The likes of Larry Fitzgerald, Deandre Hopkins, Odell Beckum Jr, and most of his current teammates Chris Paul and Devin Booker.

This was the first appearance of the Phoenix Suns players since that loss at home in game seven to the Dallas Mavericks, and not much was said about that from the players.

The game itself was a fun and eventful night, that consisted of a mix of players that can hit the ball and have some arm ability to throw someone out.

The best outfielder by far was Matt Barns, in fact, he probably has had a lot of softball experience in the past because he looked like a natural.

Home runs were scarce for the first few innings, the quiet assassin Cameron Johnson of the Suns knocked out the first one and then the rest followed suit.

Including 2 Chris Paul, who also walked away with the game’s MVP.

I really liked the twist at the coaches for each team, on one end the legend of Arizona Larry Fitzgerald and on the other the kid he passed the Face of Arizona on to Devin Booker.

Both just walked around and got the crowd going with every movement.

A very good event and look forward to the next one. Photo gallery on Facebook @EarlBurnett

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