Diamondbacks Officially Looking For Sell Candidates

Arizona fans are way to used tho this but here we go again, what started off as hope has quickly turned to disaster.  The Diamondbacks are sitting at 13.5 games behind the Dodgers, 11.5 behind the Padres, and 8 under .500.  By  the end of this season it should look like a whole new lineup.

There should be a few untouchable players but besides them everyone has a shot at leaving.  Alek Thomas is still young on his rookie contract out playing his salary, along with Varsho so they will be safe.  The other safe player should be Christian Walker, the D-backs need to keep their power hitter as long as possible.

Joe Mantiply will be the first on the list to go.  A relief pitcher as hot as him will be very desirable and he will get a lot of prospects.  Another relief pitcher to go will Ian Kennedy, he will be 38 in December and a champion contender would overpay for him.  Finally, 37 year old relief pitcher Marc Melancon will be gone also.

On the not pitching side a couple more players will be put on the block.  As much as this one pains me, David Peralta should be on this list.  The Freight Train will be a commodity for a playoff team and he will be reaching 35 in a month and a half, he no longer fits the Arizona time table.

When will the Diamondbacks finally go back to the playoffs?  Won’t be this year but fans were definitely hoping to be closer to a playoff push then they currently are.

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