Kevin Durant to the Phoenix Suns May be too Difficult to make Happen

Here we go again, the sports world has to go through the adventure of another superstar player forcing his way out of a commitment. Kevin Durant has decided to change homes and find a better route to a championship, again.

Durant requested a trade out of Brooklyn Thursday morning, and it has set the sports world on fire in a massive bidding war across the league. The weirdest thing in all of this equation was his teammate Kyrie Irving decided to opt into the fourth and final year of his contract, thinking it would keep the remainder of this supposed Super-team together.

The previous member of the team James Harden left via a trade to the 76ers, without the three ever having played a game together. It’s worth noting that Irving and Durant joined Brooklyn ahead of the 2019-20 season, with the latter unable to play as he recovered from an Achilles injury. Irving only played 29 games in 2021-22 as he chose not to be vaccinated, barring him from competition in New York City.

The Nets suffered a humbling first-round exit after Eastern conference champion Boston beat them 4-0 to advance. The Nets also picked up Ben Simmons in a trade and he has yet to play a game for the team.

Its no wonder Kevin is ready to leave this difunctional family and get back to the business of chasing the next ring.

According to reports across the league, Durant reportedly favors a trade to the Phoenix Suns. The team that finished with a league-best record 64-18 and earned the top seed of the Western Conference.  That good regular season ended in an embarrassing Game 7 of the conference finals to the Mavericks. 

A trade to the Suns would also reunite him with Devin Booker, a teammate from the last USA Olympic team winning the gold medal.

Both Durant and Booker were catalysts of why that team was successful in accomplishing its gold medal mission.

Durant was the clutch scorer when the team was in a struggle, and Booker used the Olympic run to fine-tune his defensive skills and be the super team’s best defender on the perimeter.

It would only make sense for these two to reunite, but the obstacles to making it happen may be too much to overcome.

The Suns will have to come in strong with a trade package that must include young talent and an all-star caliber player. To make it even harder, according to Arizona Sports radio host John Gambadoro the Nets have no interest in DeAndre Ayton.

So what package can the Suns put together that would appease the Nets needs and wants?

The first thing it would have to be future first-round picks, and it may lock up the Suns first-rounder for three-plus years. The next player would have to be the runner-up of the defensive player of the year Mikal Bridges, an excellent wing that has added scoring to his game the last season, and pairing him with Ben Simmons would make the Nets defense tops in the East.

But is that enough?

Maybe not.

Throw in Jae Crowder, Cam Johnson, Cam Payne, and Dario Saric.

But after that hefty load of players and picks, where would that leave the Suns for a supporting cast for newcomer Durant?

Too many variables to weigh, but trying to balance them out is worth it.  

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