The Sign Of Another New Beginning In Arizona

The news has already broken that David “Freight Train” Peralta has been traded to the Tampa Bay Rays for prospect catcher Christian Cerda. Fans knew something was boundto happen with Peralta since his contract was up his year and they have focused on young out fielding with Alek Thomas, Dalton Varsho, and Pavin Smith. The most shocking part for fans is as of now the Diamondbacks only got a prospect for Peralta, a player that is a great hitter in all situations and a very good defensive player that has proven himself. Peraltas batting career features a .283 ERA, 280 walks, 468 RBI’s, and 110 home runs.

For those that don’t remember early David Peralta he has one of the most interesting professional careers in baseball. Originally drafted to the Cardinals as a pitcher, he couldn’t make it out of the minor leagues as a pitcher so he decided to join an independent league to focus on learning a new position and eventually signed with the Diamondbacks as a minor league player to stay in the league. One of the hardest working players in MLB and a favorite to this organization will be missed but luckily for him he’s going to a playoff contender and can potentially take advantage of that

The silver lining is that the Diamondbacks are drafting phenomenally lately. For this team to move on from Peralta, the rookies Thomas, Varsho, and McCarthy had to play phenomenal. Sometimes moving on from someone is best for the future but this will be a hard one to take and only time will tell if this was the right move especially if Arizona really didn’t receiver any extra picks. More trades will most likely happen soon with the trade deadline approaching fast and Diamondbacks proving they are sell candidates.

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