Las Vegas Raiders Expectations are at a Sky High for 2022 Season

Greater expectations for the Las Vegas Raiders for the 2022 season are obvious, with all the star power additions this team should be challenging for the division title and could go far in the postseason.

The consensus thought of every Raiders season before it starts has been “They look good on paper” and then the reality sets in and they underachieve.

Devonte Adams adds an element that the silver and black have not had in a while, a threat from anywhere on the field.

Defensive coordinators are up late nights devising a plan to stop this future Hall of Famer, the question will be can his current quarterback do his part to keep Adams atop the league? 

If there has ever been a QB that has been overlooked and unappreciated it’s Derrick Carr, after every regular season his name has been in every trade scenario known to man.

Carr continues to get the job done and his last season was the most command of a team he has had since being a starting quarterback in the NFL.

The preseason has begun and the Raiders got off to a great start with a 27-11 win over the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars in the HOF game.

Now, of course, this game had no starters play and the third team got all of the reps, but they ran the offense very efficiently.

How much of that was due to the incompetent team on the other side, we will not know, but “execution” is the name of the game, and if the third team is moving that well the first team should be even better.

Expectations on this team may be a little too high early in the season, as it may take time for Carr and Adams to get on the same page.

It’s been well documented that quarterbacks make good receivers great, and vice versa in some situations.

Then you have the rare combination of two greats that just makes up what we like to call “special” and we saw that with Devonte Adams and his previous star QB Aaron Rodgers.

The question will remain, can Adams be the same receiver he had been in Green Bay regardless of his signal caller? Can the two be “special” or will we see one side fail to raise his level to meet great team expectations?

Many questions, but look for a good season from the silver and black, and perhaps after they master Josh Mcdaniel’s New England-like offense they will be a force to be reckoned with.

Although Adams is the featured wideout, Hunter Renfro is going to be the Julian Elderman type that makes this engine dangerous.

Let the record predictions start.

Raiders: 10-7 and wildcard birth.

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