Mercury Hip-Hop Squad the High Energy of the Footprint Center

One of the most underrated parts of a sporting event is the group that has the task of keeping the crowd entertained and engaged in the game, whether the home team is up or down the squad’s job is to bring the energy to the building.

The Footprint Center has one of the WNBA’s loudest buildings during a game, and the building doesn’t have to be filled to capacity to feel the energy surrounding it.

Squad leader Weezy

The Phoenix Mercury is currently in the midst of trying to make another playoff run and can use all the energy from its crowd as possible. Although the fans come to see the stars on the court do their thing every night, there is a group that in my opinion, may go overlooked as being the most important element in a professional basketball game.

The Phoenix Mercury’s Hip-Hop Squad is the dance group that has the very difficult task of bringing high energy to the building for 2 1/2 hours non-stop on a nightly basis.

That is very difficult to do. For instance, if the home team is getting it handed to them on the scoreboard, the Hip-Hop squad has to lift the crowd’s spirits and add energy to give them hope their team can overcome a deficit.

When the team is winning, games are even more electric.

The Mercury is feeding off a ruckus crowd, and that atmosphere is being fed by the Hip-Hop Squad’s dancing, giveaways, games, and hype music throughout the evening as its entertainment at its highest level.

Keeping up that intense atmosphere nightly can be very difficult to follow up on a nightly basis.

It’s like a musician making a hit album and having to follow it up with the next big hit to keep its fans engaged, certainly, that’s not easy to do and comes with many pressures.

And yet he Squad brings high energy all night long with a smile.

Their dance routines are crisp and clean and very creative, and you don’t see the same routine every night as they change it up to keep it fresh. Squad leader “Weezy” says it only takes a few hours to come up with a new routine, complete with practice, etc. before it’s ready to be performed.

The squad’s interaction with the fans is incredible, attracting the crowd not only with their cool dance numbers but also with some of the best outfits and make-up designs in the league.

The group is diverse and has lots of character and great personalities, and as a whole looks like a very fun group of people to want to know off of the entertainment floor. They are very personable, as each dancer has their nickname on their team-like jerseys so you can call them by name.

The place stays popping and you rarely ever see this group stay still.

If you’re at a Mercury game and looking for entertainment at the basketball timeouts and halftime, keep your eyes on the group that’s dancing I guarantee you will be amazed at the vibe they bring to the arena.

It’s contagious. Go mercury and Go Mercury Hip-Hop Squad!

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