Historic Night for the Diamondbacks Still Leads to Loss

After a heartbreaking series getting swept against the Cardinals with a score of 27-12 in 3 games, Arizona was able to redeem themselves and beat the royals yesterday.  Zak Gallen has been on fire lately pitching, potentially the hottest pitcher since the all-star game.  Pitching 4 scoreless outings in a row and not allowing a run since the 2nd inning of 5 games ago.  Today was no different pitching 6 innings with 0 runs allowed, th issue is the relief pitching.  After 6 innings heading into the 7th Arizona was up 1-0, by the end of the 7th it was 5-1 and hope escaped quickly.  Zak Gallen is pitching at a Cy Young level and honestly better the na Cy Young level and still can’t buy a win.

Christian Walker also broke his personal record today, hitting his 30th home run in a moment that didn’t ultimately matter.  Walker has a career high before this year 29 home runs, and the most impressive part of his game isn’t his home runs, Christian has learned to pull the ball and increase his average but today despite losing he is the big winner breaking his 29 home run record with less then 60 games less.  The amount of home runs he finishes with could be in the high 40’s.

The Arizona Diamondbacks average age is very young and that is something fans (and me) need to remember.  The inconsistencies is to be expected with such a young team.  The Ketel MArte, Alek Thomas, Jake Mccarthy, and Christian Walker lead future can burn so bright all they need is more consistency. Diamondbacks will definitely need to get new relief pitchers this offseason if they hope to contend and since they are a young cheap team the owner should go all in right now.

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