Diamondbacks Pitcher Merrill Kelly Continues Hot Streak

Merrill Kelly now officially has the most significant starts since the all star game at 10.  On top of having the most significant starts since the all star game he has back to back games pitching into the 8th inning which before he never did in his career. While today started off rocky allowing 3 runs in the first inning he found his footing pitching until the 7th inning. Todays game seemed very similar to yesterday where white Sox pitcher Johnny Cueto got kicked out before the 6th inning. If Johnny Cueto survived until the 7th he would be tied with Kelly but thanks to the hot bats there was no chance.

In the last two days, Chicago has been booed off the field by this young Arizona team, scoring 17 in the last two games only allowing 7 runs.  Both games have mainly been won in the second inning where 11 runs have been scored by the Diamondbacks. Arizona might have finally found there luck hitting with runners in scoring position.

Before the series Alek Thomas (Chicago native) said he’s glad to be back in chicago but wants them to regret not taking him in the draft. While his batting hasn’t been helpful his defensive output yesterday with multiple defensive saves has to make them regret not taking him a little. Todays player of the game though is Jake McCarthy. Jake McCarthy was 4 for 5 running in 3 times.

Forcing Chicago to go under .500 is big for Arizona, for everyone who suffered along with me the last 2 seasons you might wonder what hope do I have? This young team is the hope. Where a majority of players are under 25 and they are only 9 games under .500. Last year they ended with 52 wins and this year they have 57 now with more to the season. The only direction I see for this young team is upwards and onwards. 

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