Arizona Bounces Back After Phillies Shellacking

After the Diamondbacks won 6 out of 7 games in a row, the inevitable happened to Arizona… The team got boat raced, which happens to the best of the teams and lost 18-2.  The biggest worry for many fans was how will this young team respond to such a terrible performance?  The Diamondbacks are a very young team and you never know how a team this young will respond when getting dominated thoroughly.  

Arizona faced a great Brewers team today with a record of 69-60 and Milwaukee started pitcher Brandon Woodruff who had a 3.11 ERA.  The game started off in Arizona’s favor, with a two run home run by Christian Walker his 31st of the year.  Perdomo added one more run in the second by hitting Alek Thomas home, already putting Brandon Woodruff at a 46 pitch count.  In the 6th inning Josh Rojas added some security by hitting a double, earning two RBI’s and putting the game 5-0. Manager Luvello said “Rojas hitting the double off the wall was a crucial part of the game.”

Merrill Kelly is a big reason for this bounce back game.  The confidence Arizona gains when they know Kelly or Gallen is on the mound has no bounds.  When either pitcher is on the mound the team plays a relaxed and more small ball style of play.   Allowing 0 runs through 7 innings, Merrill Kelly added another win to his resume bringing the count to 12 this year.  Kelly has been a dominant and consistent force for the Diamondbacks this year and deserves more respect than he’s been receiving this year.  With an ERA 2.84 and 12 wins the most in the American league he should receive some Cy Young votes.  

The Diamondbacks played tough today and earned another win.  Now with 62 wins and already 10 wins more than they had last year and only 6 games under .500.  As any coach would say defense wins games as any coach would say, and there were some incredible defensive plays today.  The first one was Varsho running full sprint toward the wall catching the ball before he ran into the wall.  The second was Josh Rojas making a diving stop causing a double play to end the 4th inning.   When asked after the game if there’s anything Luvello would like to improve one thing about the team his response was “ I don’t know if there’s one thing but I take the mindset that we’re never satisfied and we have to continue going out there and learning they can’t be satisfied… it’s not one thing per night it’s two or three things that seem to change but I’m pleased with our effort tonight.”

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