Preview of the Arizona D-Backs Last 26 Games

Credit: Ball Parks Of Baseball

With only 26 games left in the season and having yesterday off, what is a realistic expectation for this team to finish?  Since the All-Star break Arizona is 25-19 beating great teams including the Brewers, Phillies, and the Cleveland Guardians.

The Diamondbacks have seemed to build their team in a different direction than every other team.  Every sports league is a copycat league and when you have a team that can’t afford to spend money like the Dodgers can, you have to get creative playing moneyball and trying to be ahead of the curve is the only way to win.  

The Rays have had great success starting their relief pitchers instead of starting with their starting pitchers.  The Diamondbacks have decided to go all in on speed, the amount of extra bases they manufacture compared to other teams is staggering.  The fact that the advanced stats people don’t have a stat on manufactured extra base hits tell you how far ahead Arizona can potentially be.

Out of the 26 games left, the D-backs have to face their biggest fear, the LA Dodgers an astounding 8 times.  If the Diamondbacks win even three times that would be a great accomplishment for this young team.

The good news is the next three games are against the Colorado Rockies and they will play 6 more games against the San Francisco Giants which they are currently ahead in the year long series 8-5.  

On Sunday, Zac Gallen will attempt to break a Diamondbacks record for most consecutive innings without allowing a run.  Currently one inning away from this record Gallen will be attempting to break an MLB record as well for most consecutive starts without allowing a run.  If Gallen succeeds he will have 7 games in a row without allowing a run but Colorado is a hitter friendly park so this will be a very hard and impressive feat. 

The Diamondbacks already have 13 more wins then last year and this young team has proven they are a determined team that is learning every game.  With most projections this year saying Arizona will win maybe 62 games they have over achieved.  Christian Walker has hit a career high 32 home runs and Daulton Varsho has increased his year long home runs to 22.  Arizona has a very exciting quick team with the ability to hit home runs and as they are understanding their identity better then ever they could potentially end with 76 wins and be in a good place to make a run over the next 2 years.

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