Has the Phoenix Suns Organization Handled its Success Properly

In light of the developments over the off-season for the Phoenix Suns, how does a team get refocused and ready to contend for a title in the 2022 season?

The Robert Sarver investigation situation is just the latest of the tumultuous off-season in probably all of Suns history.

It’s interesting that once the team starts to get successful, bad things to destroy it start happening one after another.

Great success brings great problems, that will transpire when dollar bills are the main ingredient.

From the owner down to the players, success brings turmoil. Especially for a team that lived in mediocre-ville for so long, the individuals involved began to allow the success to change them or bring out what they already were.

It’s like a boy band that starts out together, then they become successful and make a lot of money, then the money begins to separate them as most of the members go solo believing they are the superstar that made the band successful.

Sports teams are similar, because the team that was nothing and on the bottom of the league winning 19 games, no one paid any attention to.

Then the pieces got added over the course of 3 years and the team begins to have success on the court, winning 8 straight in the Bubble, making it 2 games short of a title the following year.

Then their success starts to bring turmoil, the players get more recognized and think they should be the recipient of a large payday because they believe it was their contribution that made them successful.

This can be true of many guys on the team, and one franchise can only pay a few guys max contracts, and the others that play a great role also want and or deserve substantial pay raises.

This great adversity at the end of last year caused division in some way and resulted in the biggest meltdown in team history, losing a series to a team that should not have won more than one game after leading them 2-0 as the superior team.

The Individuals at the top (Robert Sarver) become more arrogant because of success, as the team attracts more sponsors and star players looking to come to join that would have never thought of coming in the past.

Is this successful bubble for the Suns starting to burst? This tumultuous off-season looks and feels like a team that cannot handle its current success, and if so, at some point could cause them to slowly drift back into obscurity.

The saying is that a successful organization starts at the top, if the head guy is not stable enough to know that without his staff he is nothing, and treating them with respect is paramount to keeping a team on the top.

The people that run the team behind the scenes are the folks that make the ship go, no they don’t get the public recognition for it, but that’s supposed to come from the owner himself showing appreciation for their contributions by treating them like human beings.

Now that it seems Robert Sarver is actually out of the way, now this team has a fighting chance to maintain the success they have built over these last few years.

Perhaps they can start to build back the continuity that drove them to the Finals a year ago, and make a run and finish the job despite a racist sexist owner that should have never been able to own a team in the first place.

Media day is approaching and the Suns will speak for the first time after a long grueling off-season of contract talks and trade talks, and disagreements leading up to the finish of an investigation that stood over the teams head.

It’s all over after this media day, talk and say what’s on your mind and get it out because after that day the work to become a champion the right way can begin. 

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