ASU Football Life After Herm Gets Worse

The ASU Sun Devils football team took a resounding beating to the Utah Utes on Saturday, the first game after the firing of Coach Herm Edwards and the interim stand of Shaun Aguano.

It’s safe to say that the Sun Devils have a long way to go to get just back to respectable in the conference, as they looked like a team that doesn’t belong in the Division 1 ranks.

Utah came in and flexed their muscle in the run game early and often, stumping the Devils with 205 rush yards, allowing ASU to only rush for 6 misly yards for the entire game.

It was so bad early that the Devil’s offense in the first quarter had 11 total yards of offense, and could not do anything that would give its fans the thought that they could at the least hang around in this game.

Instead, we saw incompleted passes that were nowhere near receivers, and when they were on target the receivers dropped the pass.

Penalties killed any momentum that the Devils could have mustered up in the first half, as Emory Jones connected on a big play that may have set them up to get within a touchdown being down 14-0.

But that pass play was wiped out by a pass interference on the offense and set them back, and that was how the night went the rest of the way, a setback.

When you’re the team that is undisciplined and less talented things seem to always go against you during the course of a game, if there is a flag on the play there is no doubt at all that flag is against you.

Quarterback Emory Jones is going to take the worse of the blame as all starting QBs do, but he is also not without some blame.

Jones made quite a few boneheaded throws that were turnovers, and to his credit, his wide receivers have not given him much help.

The former Florida quarterback has to be asking himself “what did I get into coming here” as this team has very little talent to surround him and make him successful.

Not one of the wide receivers has stepped up to be the one who will lead the group, as they all have been mediocre at best and have shown some flashes that the future may yield better results but this year it going to be a very long season.

Watching the two teams on ht field, it was absolutely clear that one team belonged and the other had no business playing in that game.

The talent level is vastly great as the Devil’s offensive and defensive lines are just very poorest at best, and when the bigger teams come in its stands out like a sore thumb.

It’s going to be hard for anyone to believe that this team can compete with any team in the conference, and may not win another game the rest of the season.

The Utah Utes are not that much of a powerhouse team, although they are ranked 13th, they just don’t look like a team that can’t be beaten, and their dominance in this 34-13 blowout of the Sun Devils points more to how incompetent and untalented the ASU team is.

Sun Devil Stadium cleared out pretty fast as the fans started trickling out from the second quarter, it’s going t be very difficult to give them any reason to fill that building up for a while.

Recruiting is the lifeline of every successful College program, without it, leaves that school in obscurity.

The question is how will a school in obscurity be able to attracted new and talented recruits to build itself back up, with so much negativity hanging over the school and no clue when that will go away.

Interim Coach Aguano may not have the tag as interim after this season is over because it’s going to be hard to find a candidate with high-level experience to take that job.

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