Diamondbacks Lose Final Home Series While Officially Eliminated from Playoffs

Fans were hoping that Arizona could win the final home series of the year and end on some hope for the future.  Instead, the Diamondbacks lost 2 out of 3 games and today’s game was another heartbreaker.  The official home record this year for Arizona is 40-41 which feels disappointing for the season they have had.

While the Diamondbacks have lost 7 of the last 10 games, Drey Jameson continues to impress as a rookie, pitching 5.1 innings and allowing 0 runs.  Credit goes to relief pitcher Ginkel helping Nelson out in the 6th inning.  With two outs remaining in the 6th inning Ginkel had to come in after Nelson left the bases loaded.  Ginkel earned the double play with no players scoring, giving the Diamondbacks a shot.

Same story, same ol’ song and dance happened today though.  While the bats were stagnant today against pitcher Jakob Junis who is allowing over a 4 ERA which deserves a lot of blame for this game.  The relief pitching has equal blame.  Another questionable call came in from Luvello when he called in Luis Frias for the Diamondbacks to pitch.  A pitcher allowing over a 10 ERA! Frias continued to allow 2 runs in .2 innings before being called out of the game,

While the score appeared close, this game should have gotten out of hand.  San Francisco left 13 players on base including twice with bases loaded.  It is encouraging to see Drey Jameson pitch himself out of trouble 4 out of his 5 innings in a game. Even the best pitchers don’t have perfect control every game and today he didn’t have good control of the ball.  History tells whether a pitcher is good or not if he can pitch himself when he’s not 100% and today Drey earned credit.

With Albert Pujols hitting 700 home runs in his career officially, and Aaron Judge still chasing history.  It is hard to say that anything is must watch tv unless it’s those two.  Wednesday, September 28th will be a game Arizona fans should watch.  A battle between ace pitchers Zach Gallen and Justin Verlander.  A ton of strikeouts will more then likely happen and a very low scoring battle.

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