ASU Pulls off the Big Upset at Home over Washington 45-38

To be honest, coming into this game there was no one that had the Devils even close to being g in this game let alone winning it.The ASU Sun Devils football team came out with lots of passion and desire and really looked like a totally different team with an attitude.

The loss at USC may have given this team some confidence that they can pay with any team in the conference ranked or not.

The 21-ranked Huskies came in on their first drive and went right down the field and scored a touchdown, and it looked like the enviable was about to take place.

Then there was a big turning point of the game when starting quarterback Emory Jones went down to a targeting attack and suffered what looks like a concussion.

He got up from the hit wobbling and he didn’t look like he knew where he was at the moment, he also had the football in his hands of all things, as he was helped off the field.

The defense then forced a big turnover with a pick-six and took a 24-10 lead, but allowed the Huskies to answer right back with a quick 9 plays 75 yards 2:17 seconds, 1-yard TD run.

Back up quarterback Trenton Bourguet took over the game with his arm on display, made accurate throws all over the field, and looked more like he should be the guy in the starting position.

The flow of the offense looked like it could not be stopped, and Bourguet was very poised in the pocket and the offense just looked like it finally tied together.

Bourguet threw one interception that allowed the Huskies to answer and tie the game at 38-38, but the Arizona high school quarterback kept his poise and went on right down the field with a 10-play 82 yards and left 3:46 on the game clock.

The defense was able to get the stop that can help the Devils get the victory, after the second player was disqualified for targeting hit on the starting quarterback, the Devil’s defense still was able to stop the Huskies on this final drive.

Washington quarterback Penix Jr. returned to the game in the middle of the team’s final drive after the targeting, and his center snapped the ball past him and went for a 30-yard loss setting up 4th and 35 with .5 seconds left to pull off the big upset.

The ball was batted down after the hallmark pass was thrown up for grabs, and the Devils were able to beat the Huskies for the 8th straight time at home.

Head Coach Shawn Aquanno got his first win as a coach, and better than that his kids are playing hard for him, and this can be a sign that a coaching change may not be necessary.

Devils get the 45-38 win and the fans stormed the field afterward, and let the quarterback controversy begin in Devils town.

Coach Aguanno has to make a very big decision next week as to who his starting quarterback will be, judging how poised and calm, and accurate Bourguet was all day it will be hard to overlook this performance.

“I practice like I was a starter that was always my mindset,” Bourguet said after the game.

He finished 15 of 21 for 182 yards and most importantly he had something that has been hard to come by, throwing touchdown passes to the receivers, with 3 touchdowns.

If the Devils’ passing game can look this good with their running game with Xazavian Valladay, they can be pretty good going forward.


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