Phoenix Suns Reserves Battle for Position in Final Preseason Game

The Phoenix Suns had their final preseason game Wednesday night at home against the Kings,  and are now preparing to get ready for the regular season journey.

So many question marks going into the new season one would wonder what that journey will look like during the ride.

Who will be on that ride?

It is clear the team is still in the process of fulfilling the request to be traded by Power Forward Jae Crowder, and has minimal serious takers at the moment.

The off-season was very tumultuous at best as the team lost other key pieces in the process, and the questions going into the new year will be, Did they do enough to be able to compete for a title?

The role players added, Damien Lee, Jock Landale, and Josh Okogi to name a few, are these players enough to fill the void on the bench through an entire regular season.

After the final preseason game loss to the Kings 105-104 with a chance to win at the buzzer didn’t fall through, that unit of players had the entire game to make their impression on the coaching staff.

The player that shone through the most was guard Duane Washington Jr. who finished with the team-high 31 points and played a team high 38 minutes.

Although the assists were not as impressive but understandable in a game where you’re showcasing your talents, and most players are thinking of their own numbers.

The team actually needed every point that Washington made to have a chance to win at the end, he had help from the growing crowd favorite Jock Landale who added 17 points and 8 rebounds.

The game did not feature any of the starters, they did not dress for the game, and also Landry Shamet, Cameron Payne, and Dario Saric were nonparticipants.

The Suns starting lineup of third-string players plus Torey Craig played against the Sacramento Kings starters throughout the night and played well.

The questions that can only be answered once the season starts will play out on the floor, and who will be the one to emerge in that six-man position for the team?

Do they have a glue guy? That guy that will give the team the toughness that Crowder provided?

Will they be able to compete on the boards with bigger teams?

Can this team get back the chemistry that led them to a 64-win season?

The most glaring question of all is, which Deandre Ayton will this team see consistently all season?

So many questions to be answered as they go to face the gauntlet that is the Western Conference, where teams have gotten significantly better on paper than the Suns.

All that can be said is the old cliche, “we will see” and the quest will begin next week Wednesday night against the team that ended their magical season last year.

The Dallas Mavericks will return to the scene of the ambush game seven with one of the Suns former key contributors at Center Javele Mcgee.

This will be very interesting to watch, and will give us an early look at the attitude and grit this team will play with going into a season where they are being overlooked as a team that could come out of the West.

Again, we will see what happens. 

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