Is It Too Little too Late for ASU Football Coach Aguano Making QB Change

In training camp, the ASU Sun Devils season was filled with so much uncertainty and turmoil, dealing with an investigation of the program looming over like a dark cloud and also the decision to be made at the quarterback position at the top of the list.

At the time Head Coach Herm Edwards chose to start Emory Jones as his starting quarterback, that decision was probably made because Jones was a high transfer and played in a big conference.

So the question is, what were they looking for as it pertains to playing the position, or did both quarterbacks get equal opportunity to get the starting position.

Now interim Head Coach Shaun Aguano after a few games of Jones and the offense looking totally inept has turned to the walk-on Trenton Bourguet and has gotten positive results.

So much so, that Bourguet could be the future of Sun Devil Football at Quarterback, his performance in relief of an injured Emory Jones two weeks ago against the ranked Washington Huskies was a glimpse that the team had chosen the wrong guy under center.

Bourguet gave life to the offense throwing for 15/21 for 182 yards and 3 touchdowns and got the upset win, and then was delegated back to the backup position when Jones returned from injury.

Emory Jones returned and the slow inept offense returned with him, as the Devils could not mount a drive in the second half to beat Stanford and were beaten by all-field goals.

The question is, how can a player who practices with the team and gets evaluated by coaches, not all see that one guy gets it a little better than the other guy? wouldn’t that show up in the eye test alone?

Jones has had a problem getting the ball to wide receivers, and because of that the Devils actually never knew if they had any star-caliber receivers to throw the ball to. Jones’s inaccuracy and ability to throw guys open were very pedestrian at best and his head in reading progression hardly ever goes to his second read.

Inserting Trenton Bourguet answered the questions, and two good wide receivers have emerged and can be the future for this program.

Bourguet go his first start on the road against Colorado (1-6) and it should be an easy test to see if the kid can handle himself and lead a team.

He did better than that, he showed out and balled out to the tune of 32/43 for a team-high 435 yards and 3 touchdown passes and a 42-34 win on the road.

Bourguet has a very good command of the offense in the aspect of understanding the concept of why they do what they do, he also reads coverages at a very high level and gets the ball downfield to the wide receivers.

The Devils had two 100-yard wide receivers in one game with Elijhah Bagger catching 8 for 137 yards, and tight end Jalin Conyers caught 6 balls for 108 yards and has given ASU a weapon at tight end.

The opponent the Colorado Buffalos may have a lot to do with the outcome of the game, but when those plays were there before with the same caliber opponent with Jones at the helm and they were not able to make the plays to win. 

Bourguet will probably hold down the starting gig for the remainder of the season, and that will probably put Emory Jones right back in the transfer portal or at the backup position because as a coach trying to win a job you have to play the guy that gives your team the best chance to win.

The big question remains to be answered, was the move to Trenton done too late by Coach Aguano? and should he have never taken Bourguet out of the lineup after winning a game against a ranked team coming off the bench having had no practice reps with the first team all week.

Thinking back at the games that were winnable that ended up losses, and the looming questions about where could this team have been if Bourguet was the starter at the beginning of the season. The old saying still goes around with much debate around it “a player should not lose his job due to injury, many coaches play by those rules and take a big risk in the process.

That may be the decision that takes the job away from an inexperienced coach and put it in the hands of a coach that would not have put one guy ahead of what’s best for the team.

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