Phoenix Suns Regain a Pulse in the Playoff Standings with 4th Straight Win

The Phoenix Suns are getting a pulse back in the standings, winning four straight games to pull them into the fifth spot in the Western Conference.

The gap between the 10th spot and all the way to as high as the 5th spot is a game and a half, so one win or loss changes the standings on a nightly basis amongst six teams.

The Suns are currently on a four-game winning streak after defeating the Charlotte Hornets’ 128-97 lead. By Cam Johnson’s 24 points on 6 of 7 three-point shots.

The return of Cam Johnson has been a shot in the arm for this basketball team, along with the return of a rejuvenated Chris Paul playing like the star point guard that we all know.

Injuries continue to plague teams across the league, and it is hard to see a nucleus of players sustain a length of continuity for more than a 10-game span.

Planet Orange seems to have a little of their swagger back, playing hard on both ends of the floor and making better team decisions while sharing the basketball.

Leading the way while injuries have taken over this team all season long is ironman Mikal Bridges, scoring 20 plus points in his last three games before tonight’s game finishing with 18 points on 7 of 16 shooting from the field, while playing closer for the Suns in the absence of Devin Booker.

Bridges continue to do it on both ends, guarding the opposing team’s best player while keeping the scoring up for the Suns every night.

Getting back to full strength is getting to look more like a reality these days, as the Suns will be re-evaluating Booker in a week or so and the return of Cam Payne is shortly around the corner.

The good thing that comes from all the guys that have been out is the guys that have held down the fort in keeping the team at or above .500 has gain valuable experience in crucial minutes, which will bold well as a deep bench leading into the playoffs.

Much is being said about what the Suns should and shouldn’t do at tetrode deadline, and with the surgence of Dario Saric and getting Cam and a star caliber Chris Paul it will feel like they made that big move to get them over the hump to make up ground in the standings.

Next up the Suns pest Dallas Maverricks, who seem to get up for the Suns regardless of their records or how they are playing.

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