The Anticipation of Arizona Diamondbacks Opening-Day

Opening day is a magical time of year in baseball, fans are full of hope for the possibilities the season may bring.  This is the day when all eyes are on baseball and fanatics will even take the day off to take their kids to a game.  The atmosphere during opening day can not be compared to much else, and until you’ve been to an opening day thriller you may not understand what I mean.

Every year this day brings fans together with hope all across America thinking that this might be their year, and while I’m not sold that this is the year, the Diamondbacks have a good young farm team and a ton of developing talent that fans will be able to watch grow.  Arizona has improved over its last three seasons with 2020 being the short covid year going 25-35, 2021 going 52-110, and last year going 74-88 Arizona is clearly building its way upward and fans won’t want to miss it.

The season hasn’t even started yet and the Dodgers/D-backs rivalry is heating up.  Josh Rojas while mic’d up for a Spring training game said “Traitor” as David “Freight Train” Peralta made his way up to the plate.  David Peralta last year got traded to the Rays then moved over to the rival Dodgers after 9 seasons with Arizona.  With less than 5 days left, what else can heat up between both teams?

The Diamondbacks are currently 14-11 in the history of their opening days, and currently 2-3 against the Dodgers.  With a great pitcher like this year’s D-Back opening day stud, there is a chance they make this 3-3.

 On March 30th Zac Gallen will be the opening day pitcher for the D-Backs.  Diamondback fans should be very excited for a change of scenery as this will be the first opening-day pitcher not named Bumgarner since 2019.  Julio Urias will be the opening day pitcher squaring off against Gallen for the Dodgers, making this a must-see pitching battle as Urias was a Cy Young finalist and Gallen finished in 5th place voting.

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