Arizona Diamondbacks New Year Same Problem Lose to Rival Dodgers 8-2

The Dodgers go out to an early lead dominating the first game of the series.  While Arizona gained the early lead of 2-0, Los Angeles was in complete control of the game.  The Diamondbacks never scored another run and LA scored 8 straight.  Arizona fans are way too familiar with losing to the Dodgers when will the misery end?

This season should still present hope for Arizona but should that already be tempered?  If Arizona can’t beat the Dodgers there will be a 0 percent chance of winning the division.  The Padres are dealing with Fernando Tatis serving the second half of his PED suspension, but they are still another talented team.  So now the D-backs will be vying for the 3rd wild card spot.  While this isn’t news to anyone if they can’t win divisional games they have 0 shot at that 3rd spot.

Arizona will have some very fun games to watch in the future but fans are tired of watching the D-backs get dominated the day in and out by Los Angeles, it’s not even a real game it might as well be rest days and take the automatic L at this point.  

The pitching was clearly not the best tonight for Arizona allowing 8 runs in the game.  Zac Gallen pitched 4.2 innings allowing 5 runs and 6 hits.  Gallen has proven himself to be an all-star-level pitcher and this could’ve just been an off night for him but it also proves how deadly the Dodgers bats are.  Starting pitchers need to go 6-7 innings and allow 2 runs to have a shot this year and hopefully, this isn’t an early indication that it won’t happen.

Tomorrow will be Merrill Kelly vs Dusty May on the mound.  Merrill Kelly coming off his World Baseball Classic series will hopefully be ready to pitch against Los Angeles.  Kelly said that he will probably be on a lower pitch count than most starters this time of year but that is the nature of pitching the WBC before the season.  Fans will hopefully see a closer game before this series gets out of hand.

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