Phoenix Suns Get Win Over Resting Nuggets 119-115

The Phoenix Suns are on the hottest winning streak in the NBA currently, coming down the stretch of the long regular season find themselves still holding the fourth seed for the Playoffs.

The fourth seed will be the spot that the Suns will retain and the only question is their opponent.

For the second time in less than a week the Suns face the resting Denver Nuggets, sitting their starters with the number one seed clinched, the next question was why are the Suns playing all of their starters.

The reasoning going around is that they need more work together as a unit, and tonight may have been the final dress rehearsal before the real season begins in a week.

Have the Suns got all the wrinkles out?

Well, tonight it seemed like it was hard for them to take the Nuggets seriously enough to play to their full potential, and for the second time, the Nuggets were able to stay in the game and make it a close one down the stretch.

Phoenix only lead by as many as nine points and was in a battle the entire game dealing with hot shooting by the Nuggets reserves.

The silver lining would have to be that they were able to get the atmosphere of having to win close, but the opponent may take away from the accomplishment but it’s still something that will pay some sort of dividend down the line in the Playoffs.

Chris Paul is getting himself in Playoff mode as he continues to scorch the nets with his three-point shooting, tonight he hit 7 of 7 and finished with 25 points while helping Kevin Durant and Devin Booker down the stretch of a game they are supposed to find a way to win.

The good news is they got the job done and they did it in superstar fashion, as Durant and Paul both hit huge three’s in the final moments of the game and got the win 119-115 at home in Foot Print Center.

Coach Monty spoke after the game about how happy he was with the opportunity the guys got to play together and find a way to win::

Next in line is the Los Angeles Lakers on the road in LA, and nothing is on the line for the Suns, but everything is still on the line for the Purple and Gold.

We will see how the Suns approach this game, will they rest their starters and allow the Lakers to edge closer to that open fifth seed, or will they go full throttle and bury the Lakers deep in the play-in and perhaps not have to meet them at all.  

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