Diamondbacks Earn First Shut Out Of The Year

The Arizona Diamondbacks have officially won 4 games in a row and have taken sole possession of 1st place for the 1st time since 2019.  Every team the Dbacks have played this year has had a .500 record or better so unlike some teams, Arizona has not had a slouch schedule, making the 7-4 record that they’ve earned that much more impressive.  

Torrey Luvollo said after the press conference on April 9th against the Dodgers “Everybody came to me at the beginning of the year and we talked about how tough the first few series were.  We got 8 games against the Dodgers, got two against the Padres, and then the Brewers came in.  It felt like it was going to be a good measuring stick for us and I just wanted to show the league we’re ready to play some baseball.”  If this was a measuring stick then it’s safe to say the Diamondbacks are going to be a dangerous team this year.

Zac Gallen recorded his first official win of the season against the Brewers.  Pitching 7 innings, 11 strikeouts, and only allowing 3 hits.  The Los Angeles Dodgers got the better of Gallen in his first 2 appearances, but with this performance, there’s a chance that the 5th place finisher in the Cy Young Awards is back and ready to win more games.

The Diamondbacks first shutout of the season included Gallen, McCough, and Chafin pitching.  All three pitchers recorded 15 strikeouts combined and only allowed 3 hits the entire game.   The Milwaukee Brewers sitting at 6-3 before this game were outsourcing opponents 48-23 so shutting down their offense is not a task that should be taken lightly.  

The last two wins have been what the Dbacks have needed, they have been using up the bullpen at an alarming rate and the last two games have given their go-to relief pitchers like Drey Jameson a much-needed break.  Tomorrow’s matchup will be between struggling pitcher Corbin Burnes and Diamondbacks own Merrill Kelly.  On Friday Drey Jameson is expected to make his first start of the year, so if Kelly can go deep into the ball game then the bullpen arms will be fresh for that game.  Fans are hoping Merrill Kelly can record his first win of the season like Nelson and Gallen was able to in their last appearance and continue their streak to 5 wins.

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