Arizona Diamondbacks Get The Crushing 11-4 Win Over the Rockies

The Arizona Diamondbacks have rarely had a huge lead early in a game this season, and today they finally got to a quick start.  There are not many things in life better than a very early lead in baseball, but especially when you have a young pitcher on the mound it doesn’t get much better.  After two innings the game was 7-1 Arizona, and the best part was the young pitcher Tommy Henry was on the mound and this clearly helped his nerves.  

Tommy Henry has replaced Madison Bumgarner in the lineup.  If fans don’t remember, Madison was moved to assignment, meaning the Diamondbacks decided to pay him 35 million dollars to never pitch for them again.  In Henry’s first game this season, it did not go as smoothly as he was hoping.  Only pitching 4.1 innings and allowed 4 earned runs to the struggling Kansas City Royals.  While the Rockies are also struggling with an 8-20 record Tommy Henry pitched 5.1 innings only allowing 3 runs at the coveted Coors Field.  Crazily enough for Henry his ERA is 6.91 and that’s infinitely better than Mad-Bum was this year.

The Arizona Diamondbacks were struggling a little offensively during their 7 game home stand.  Coors Field will fix any offensive woes though, Arizona has already outscored Colorado 20-5 and this is not a team meant to hit home runs.  Not only have they scored 20 runs in the last 20 games but today alone they had 16 hits.

For the Dbacks to stand a chance to make the wildcard these are the teams they need to sweep.  This season has started off amazing, with the beginning of the season being a gauntlet of challenging teams, the Diamondbacks earned first place and have not let up since.  Arizona at the beginning of the season had a very difficult schedule and now they are finally rewarded with Colorado and Kansas City.

Tomorrow Ryne Nelson will have his chance at adding another victory to his record as he is so far 1-1. Arizona will then have Monday off before facing the 16-11 Texas Rangers in Texas.  Hopefully, the bullpen can finally get some rest so the Dbacks can mount a full attack against the red-hot Rangers. 

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