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Have a Podcast or radio show and want to get more exposure? KRSN is the spot for your podcast show. Air time slots are available for live show or pre-recorded for the lowest cost to stream and you can be heard not only in the Valley here in Arizona, but all over the world.

We also aid in boosting your listening audience through commercial spots and promos and set up live remote shows to get your show more exposure to the listing ear.

Social media exposure as well.

Have a song you recorded or an entire album and want to get more listeners to hear it? KSRN is the place for your album or song. We play all the local Hip Hop artist around the Valley and the world that are trying to be heard. KSRN supports these artist because they are part of our community and this station supports the community.


Contact us today to get started!

Pricing List Packages

Air Your Podcast for Less

1 Show per week  for 1 hour                                               19.95 per day

2 hours                                              34.95 per day

3 and 4 Hours                                             64.95  per day

Weekly Shows for         1 hour                                              79.95 per week

2 hours                                             149.95 per week



Weekend shows  

Saturday/Sunday       1 Hour                                                 29.95 per day

2 Hours                                               54.95 per day

3 to 4 Hours                                               79.95 per day

To Get Started Please Contact Customer service department at (480) 877-0255

All pre-recorded material must be sent in MP3 format along with a show logo.



Listning exposure: Our station has over 10,000 or more Listeners

Commercial Spots: Two free commercial spots that run on station throughout the day.

Live Remote Shows: We also help in setting up live radio shows for your show

Guest on your Show: KSRN is heavy in the media in the Valley and are associated with many sports figures from players to media and television, we can help provide guest for your show (subject to guest availability)

Social Media Exposure: We will also promote your show via social media and when your show airs it goes directly to the email and mobile app of our over 3000 subscribers


Call Now as slots are filling up fast

(480) 877-0255


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